Browser Defense My Ass!

I’ve been having some computer trouble this weekend. Yup. Started yesterday and… Well… It’s been a long stressful process of getting something to work again and immediately having something else refuse to run properly. I ran so many different anti-malware/spyware/virus programs with no detections that I was half-convinced it was ghosts. Just… ghosts… on my computer… messing up my programs just because.

Then I noticed this little thing in the task manager called ‘gbpsv.exe’. The process was for something called “G-Buster Browser Defense” and it turned out to be an unkillable process. I shut it down and it just opened right back up. I found the GbPlugin folder on the Program Files (x86) folder and I couldn’t exclude it. I couldn’t get my anti virus to block or sandbox the process either… It was just sitting there like an asshole using up a crapload of memory.

So, I looked it up online and ta-da! A lot of complicated procedures to remove the thing. It scared the crap out of me because I’m not very tech savy. However the first thing everyone said to try was to start Windows in safe mode (took me a while to find that option, but gladly I made it) and that should shut the stupid plugin off so you can exclude it. For a LOT of people that wasn’t enough, but it seemed to have worked for me (thank God). And my pc is running as good as new now.

So what was this stupid thing and how did it get on my pc to begin with? Well, it was a ‘security’ plugin my bank’s website demanded I install before being able to access online banking functions. And you know what’s funny? Whatever it was supposed to do, it doesn’t, because I never managed to get any browser to recognize the fucking thing. Therefore I never actually used internet banking and just decided to go to the bank personally instead. And the goddamn plugin just sat there all that time. Quick research revealed that three different banks over here require this plugin currently for their online banking features to run ‘safely’ and even though many disgruntled customers have claimed to have experienced serious computer problems because of the thing, the banks just continue to use it anyway. What bullshit. I mean really, you can’t trust anyone these days. =_=



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