Face Claims

Okay, I’m just warning you guys that this is inevitably going to turn into a rant. I’m going to try and keep it objective, but this is a major peeve of mine, so I can’t guarantee.

Warning over… Let’s talk about this bullshit practice of face claims.

I go around my RP site of choice lately and I see a Roleplay I think it’s pretty interesting, but when I go take a look this is what I see…


“This is you character who looks exactly like this super attractive Hollywood star and this my character who looks exactly like this other super attractive Hollywood star. FUCK DESCRIPTIONS.”

 I’m all for supporting people’s right to RP anyway they want, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit the fact that I think GMs who do this should be kneed in the groin as hard as humanly possible until they agree to just fucking stop!

Wow, that escalated a lot quicker than I expected. *sigh* Let’s start over.

My problem with face claims is that a) it’s so unbelievably lazy, b) those fucking gifs are incredibly annoying and c) deciding what someone else’s character should look like is not okay on my book. I’ll be fair and say that 90% of the GMs who do this will let you change the face claim, but you know what… That doesn’t redeem them because they’ll still insist you use one. Yep. Back before I started SOE I was unable to join some RPs I wanted because of their stupid face claim rule. Back then though it wasn’t every other RP, now it is.

You know what I’m like when it comes to my characters. Is there any chance in hell I’m going to just plaster Ryan Gosling’s face on one of them and be like “this is what he looks like”? Hahahaha… Fuck no! =_=

I know I’m always saying that RPing is a game and it should be just for fun and stuff, but it’s a WRITING game. If you’re not allowing written descriptions in your WRITING game, then I think you’re missing the fucking point!

My roleplays’ character sheets require a written description. It can be a brief one, but it needs to be there. You want to add pictures, suuure, but fucking write something first!

And no gifs. Just… no gifs… I can’t understand why people do this. I don’t want to have to look at some pretty actor’s face twitching endlessly every time I open a character sheet. Just no. Just… Stop it. Stop doing that. For all that’s sacred and holy in this world… FUCKING STOP.


I’m okay. >.>



9 thoughts on “Face Claims

  1. The worst is when the GM puts a million gifs on the intro page and it takes your computer forever to load all of them. Odds are I wont even let them all load before I exit the page. My computer could spend its limited gigs per month elsewhere thank you very much.

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      • The crazy thing to me is that these celebrities are already depicting fictional characters that I’m likely familiar with. Show me an image of Mandy Patinkin from Princes Bride and I’ll just think that you want my character to be Inigo Montoya.

        To add insult to injury, these face claims are all the same. All fantasy face claims are the same archetypes. You have the Royals, the scullery maid, the adviser to the royals, the warrior, and the rouge. Then rinse and repeat for however many kingdoms there are. Fuck you! I wanted to play a rough and tough street urchin. Guess I’ll find another RP… oh wait, another generic face-claim. Kill me.

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