Jeff The Killer Vs. Lukey

Jeff The Killer.


We hate him.

Not ‘I hate him’, we hate him.

As in, not only do I hate him, but Luckas really, really, hates him. I know it’s weird, but what happened was that when I first read the story I had a sorta nightmare about Jeff the Killer. I say sorta because he doesn’t scare me. I wasn’t scared in the dream. But I had stayed up really late that night reading Creepypastas because I was insomniac and bored, Jeff The Killer was the last one I read. I guess it must have stuck in my mind.

What happened in this sort of nightmare was that Jeff was after me and I remember being just kind of annoyed by that in the dream. It was one of those dreams where I was just very aware I was dreaming, I guess. And then Luckas shows up like “you’re a disgrace to serial killers” and “I’ll teach you a lesson” and some other stuff along those lines… And he murdered the shit our of him. In my dream. Yeah. I woke up laughing out of mind, I swear, my mom knocked on the door asking what the hell I was doing, because I was in fits of hysterical laughter over that scene in my head.

I don’t know if I could accurately describe how hilarious Luke’s rage was to me over the fact that Jeff was so lame. He was personally insulted by how unfrightening he was a killer. It just… I don’t know, I can’t explain how insane and hilarious that moment was for me. Because personally, I thought Jeff The Killer is a bore of a story and a bore of a character. I don’t understand why he’s so damn popular and if you like him, don’t try to explain it to me because I don’t care. However, I wasn’t angry at how horrible it was. A lot of Creepypasta stories are that bad, or worse. I forgot about it right away. But Luckas seems to think differently than me on this. He seems to think that fictional serial killers should follow certain standards… I don’t know… It was just bizarre how that happened.

What brought this post on right now was that rummaging through deviant art, I see a lot of Jeff The Killer fanart and fan fiction. He’s quite the popular character after all. And every time I look at any of that, I immediately remember Luke’s reaction. 

The other funny thing is that Luckas is the reason I read the story in the first place. I was going through DA and I came across this drawing of Jeff that had some lyrics written on it which I liked. I followed the link to the song on the drawing’s description and it was for Ben Moody’s Nothing Left of Me. And that song became Sam and Luke’s theme song ever since. It’s perfect for them, just listen to it, for Twins’ sake!

The fact that I liked the song so much, for some reason, made me want to look up the story because, despite seeing him everywhere I never really cared to know who Jeff The Killer was other than a Creepypasta character. Yeaaah… I wasn’t missing out much.

Like I said, the story is a bore. Unimaginative at best and way over the top at its worse. Maybe I’ll do a repost with commentary of it, and other creepypastas, when I finish the Potter fics, but for the sake of this post that’s my opinion of it.

And I really just ‘nothing’ Jeff most of the time, but under Luckas’ influence I sometimes hate him. What can I do? I mean, I need to support my fictional children in their insanity sometimes. 😛



2 thoughts on “Jeff The Killer Vs. Lukey

    • I thought about it, but not sure how I would make it work yet..The ideal would be just having Luckas show up for the sole purpose of killing Jeff as sort of a parody of what these killer characters usually are; inexplicably unbeatable killing machines (much like the typical slasher movie monsters), but it just kinda feels just as lame to me as the creepypasta itself.

      I mean, don’t get me wrong it was freaking hilarious when I dreamed it, but without the visuals it’s kinda meh. It’s something that would be funny in a comic strip or cartoon. Which… I can’t do because I can’t even draw a convincing stick figure.

      We’ll see though. If I can think of a good scenario to write, I’m sure that as long as he gets to kill Jeff in the end Luckas won’t object. He’ll probably be a lot happier than when I tried to cross him over with Twilight (that… That failed really hard. I mean, wow).

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