Disney Revisited Part 0.5 – Intro And Honorable Mention

Hey, guys!

Remember I said I would do a Disney movie list and a musical film list? Well, I’m still trying to get some of the musicals I put on my list to rewatch, so that’ll be a while, but I started rewatching my Disney films last night.

I realized that there are so many of them and they are all so noteworthy really, at least to me, that I’d do well to make these mini-review posts for each one and then just make a short list of my favorites afterward. The main reason is that there are a lot of these movies and I plan to revisit a great deal of them. Watching them all to only then write about it might make it so I forget some important details about a movie or another. Not to mention some of these movies I’m watching for the first time as an adult and I want to share my ‘first’ impression of them with you all. That if you don’t mind. ^^’

Before I get into the actual reviews, I want to talk about Song of The South for a moment.

I don’t know how many of you actually got to see this movie growing up as it was never released to video in the United States and possibly a lot of other countries.

Welp. It wasn’t banned here. And I loved that movie when I was a kid. I had this huge book with a lot of Disney stories. In fact, there are several Disney movies I only know through that book. Old Yeller, for instance, is a story I’ve only read. And can you blame me? I know what happens and I don’t need to see it. >.>

But I digress.

That book had all the stories Uncle Remus tells in the movie and, say what you want of the term, Tar-Baby was my favorite of them all. I think some people consider that a racial slur, but that’s not a thing here and to me, it makes no sense whatsoever. *shrug*

Now, the big controversy thing, I think was out of proportion. We had slavery here just as badly as in the US and we still have racial issues of our own to this day, but no one was nearly as offended here with that movie. And I can safely say that as a kid it never truly hit me how awful some things in that movie may be perceived. As an adult, I think it was a well-intentioned film. The animation is fantastic, Br’er Rabbit’s stories are still some of my favorite until this day and you know what? I still think it’s a flipping amazing film despite all its issues and short comings.

If you’ve never seen that film I think you’re missing out on some great animated stories in the very least. Uncle Remus is a great character, but otherwise, some of the live action stuff is kinda meh, I’ll admit. It’s not to a point where it takes away from the whole of the movie though.

Controversy or not; I love this movie.

That said, I’m going to keep it out of my top list. It’s not a fully animated film and for this, I’m going to stick to animations, both 2D and CG animations. Yeah, that’s a lot of movies to revisit, but in the least I can do one a week, possibly more.

The first review will be Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, a film I already thought was lame when I was a kid. Has it aged well? The answer to that question and many more on part 01 of “Disney Revisited”!


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