Disney Revisited Part 01 – Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Hey, guys. Let’s get started with the Disney Revisited mini reviews!

Before we begin, let me just give you my overall opinion of Disney so you’ll know what to expect of these reviews.

Yes, there’s the stereotypes and the racist connotations and the shady morals, but even with all of that… It’s impossible not to enjoy these films. It can’t be done. And believe me, I tried. When it comes to Disney even their worst is fucking amazing; there’s just no denying that.

So, while I don’t shy away from the things I dislike in some of these movies, I’m never going to be one to bash Disney for its mistakes and shortcomings. I mean, it’s freaking Disney!

When I decided to revisit some of these films the first one that came to mind was Snow White. I mean we all know the story of Snow White and I credit that to this film alone. It was a huge deal when it first came out, it was still a huge deal in the 90s when I first watched it and it’s still a huge deal today. For many people, myself included, when they think of feature film length Disney animations they think Snow White.

So what did I think of Snow White when I first watched it? Eeeeeh…

I remember vividly watching this as a child and being angry at two very particular things. The first and major one is the Prince. In my head, Snow White should have stayed with the Dwarfs. I mean, they were her friends and the Prince was a goddamn stranger! She met him once before and ran away from him!

The other was that, well… The cleaning scene. You know, where she and the animals clean up the Dwarfs’ home? Well, I do love that scene, it’s freaking adorable, you can’t deny that. However… The animals are doing all the work and she’s half-assing her part of it. I mean, she’s holding her broom and looking busy while singing her little song. The animals are doing the dishes, and washing the clothes and tidying up… Even sweeping, which she said is what she would do. What the hell, Snow White; you had ONE job! =_=

Yeah, as a kid I thought Snow ending with the Prince was lame. I thought this movie was lame. I had no hopes of enjoying it as an adult.

Yeeeah, I was wrong. I love this movie. You can’t not love it.

I mean, Snow White is not the most interesting of characters, she’s bland and often annoyingly stupid (the whole scene between her and the hag is her being stupid), but she’s innocent and well-intentioned and you forgive her because that’s the character type at the time the movie was made. I also have to mention that her songs are pretty boring and her singing voice is… eh… not the best. It’s not that much of a big deal though. The songs are never too long, the visuals accompanying them are always stunning, and you still end up enjoying them.

What stood out the most to me in the very first scene of this movie is how freaking beautiful it looks. The very first shot of the Castle had me in absolute awe. The attention to detail to every piece of furniture, every speck of dust, is astounding. The Evil Queen’s lair… How the hell did they get away with so many dead bodies in a children’s movie? I mean, sure they’re skeletons, but… Some of them are in cells and chained to walls and… YIKES!

Snow White

This dude is hanging by the throat! GAH!

Likewise, the Dwarfs’ house is equally well designed. In that scene when they’re all dancing and singing I immediately noticed the design of the musical instruments, the cuckoo clock on the wall, it was all very unique and beautiful.

Another thing I love about this movie is the villain. The Evil Queen is freaking terrifying. She’s even more terrifying to me now than when I was a kid, to be honest, because I understand the implications of some of her scenes a lot better. She has a special box for Snow White’s heart with a little stabbed heart on the lock, she tells the Huntsman “You know the penalty if you fail.”, has she done something like this before? And the skeletons in the dungeons… Have you guys ever noticed, as kids, the scene right after she becomes the old hag, before she leaves with the poisoned apple? She stops by one of the cells and there’s a skeleton reaching for a jug that’s outside the cell just beyond its reach and she looks at it and says “Thirsty? Have a drink!” and kicks the jug into the skeleton.

Snow White02

What the hell, Disney!? You already called her Evil Queen, kids don’t need any more convincing than that! o.O

I don’t remember noticing it when I was a kid, and now I laughed at it because I’m twisted that way, but that scene is DARK. That is way dark for a children’s animated film. Holy hell.

How did this not give me nightmares as a child? How did it not give me nightmares last night!?

I also love the Dwarfs. I mean, Grumpy and Dopey especially. I like how Grumpy is actually the most level headed of the bunch and the one to point out things that I was thinking in certain moments. He’s also the first to rush back when they all realize Snow is in some kind of trouble. I mean it’s very clear that he’s a softy and he never really fooled anyone.

Dopey is just… Adorable. You can’t not like him. He’s just so freaking cute.

And I’ll admit I hurt myself as a kid trying to do this with two crystals my mom had. >.>

The humor still works for me also. Doc getting words mixed up still gets some laughs out of me. Especially when they first enter the house and he tells the others to search every ‘cook and nanny… uh… hook and granny’… and I possibly find that more amusing now as an adult than I did as a child, but no less; it’s funny.

The whole thing with them putting their fingers under Sneezy’s nose to stop him from sneezing has always baffled me. Because of course I tried that as a kid and it doesn’t work. I always wondered where cartoons get that from? Who decided that this is a thing? It makes no sense in real life. I’m not sure if this is where that started, but I remember it as being the first time I saw that in a cartoon and I was so disappointed that it doesn’t really work. 😛

What got the biggest laugh out of me has to be when the Dwarfs are gathering the nerves to investigate what is in their house and there’s this family of birds still hiding there just above their heads… And the birds just start making noises to scare them… For no reason! I was watching that and laughing my ass off. It’s not that the scene itself is funny, it’s because it was so mean spirited in a way. You know that these forest animals are just as intelligent as people; if not more, and you know that what they’re doing in no way helps Snow White’s situation. They’re not actually drawing attention away from her or trying to protect her. These cutesy little birds are just being complete assholes and scaring the Dwarfs for their own amusement. I love it.

I love how this film can get away with having a character like Dopey… Named Dopey… When nowadays people went nearly batshit when MLP tried to use the name Derpy as a fan nod.

I love almost everything about this movie, even Snow White despite not liking her as a kid.

What I still don’t like is the Prince. He’s not just useless, he’s creepy. I mean think back to the scene where he first shows up… Snow is singing by herself (well and doves) and this dude just comes along out of fucking nowhere and joins in. That’s not normal human behavior, dude! It’s disturbing. Snow runs away from him, rightly so, and then… He sings some more. Oookay…How is that any less disturbing, movie? It isn’t, but she falls for him anyway because; Prince.

That’s… Eerily close to My Immortal logic there. Still, for a movie released in the 30s, we can let some things slide. ^.-

Speaking of creepy… The forest animals are adorable and everything, but… Don’t they have anything better to do than peeping in the Dwarfs’ window all the freaking time? I mean, I know they bonded with Snow and everything, but that’s very, very, obsessive. o.O

And I guess that’s it, folks…We got what I consider great and what I consider not so great all down now. And I decided, since it’s Disney and all, I’m going to wrap up all reviews the same way; by giving my two cents on the songs and by playing a game I like to call ‘racist moment spotlight’.

Now the first is a given. Disney animated films are all very musical, you can’t not focus on that, and the latter, well… It’s just to poke a little fun at all the complaining people like to do about racism in Disney films. Are there racist moments in EVERY one of these? Let’s find out!

Songs Overview

Like I said, Snow White’s songs are boring, and her voice is not great, but the Dwarf’s songs… Uuuungh… I’m still trying to get their stupid little ‘coming home from work’ song out of my head! They are sooo fucking clingy songs! Gah!

And I still love them. I mean… The yodel song (The Silly Song is the actual title if I’m not mistaken) is so ridiculous and it knows it. The lyrics are even about how dumb and meaningless the song is. Yet that’s exactly the point. It doesn’t matter because it’s all about just enjoying music, dancing, and having fun with your friends. It’s a pretty great song.

And yeah, we sang the washing up song before snack time in school. It’s still my favorite song in this movie. >.>

Because I like the Evil Queen so much I deep down wish she had a song, buuut, this was before the ‘villain song’ trend. And let’s be honest… She doesn’t need one. That bitch is way scary without singing anything. It’s possible making her sing would either traumatize some kids or make her way too silly a villain.

Overall song rating for Snow White: 7/10

Racist Moment Spotlight

Speaking of The Silly Song… Ever noticed this little moment here?

RMS - Snow White

Oh, Dopey… We love ya. lol

Is this racist? Weell… They thought it was when this guy did it in Aristocats (and yeah, I know that wasn’t the only thing, but… we’ll get there when we get there):

So I say it counts. 😛


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