The title of this post is the perfect representation of what trying to write detailed physical and facial descriptions does to my brain. I’ve been working on improving my character’s descriptions on their sheets, not only to give more thorough information on the Shadows Database when I start working on it later on, but also to see if I can find some kind souls on deviant art willing to draw them from description as a freebie. It feels like a bit of an imposition but right now I’m thoroughly broke and have not gathered enough points there to commission people with.

Hopefully when my schedule clears up a bit more I can do commissions and trades in order to get me some artwork, but for now I’ll have to count on kind souls. And hey, there are a lot of artists doing requests on deviant art, but they usually draw from visual references.

When people are willing to do stuff free of charge you really can’t complain about their terms, but it just so happens that the fact I don’t have any visual references is the reason I need the artwork to begin with, so… yeeeaaaah… ^^”

Anyway…. In actual writing, I’m smart enough to know that stopping everything to describe your character’s nose shape or boob size (okay, I’m not being that descriptive, but I’ve seen people do it before) is just not a good practice. So, while I’ve been writing my characters for ages and I can see them in my mind very clearly, describing them is a bit tough for me. I have never had to do it in detail. Even in the RP sheets, their descriptions were very basic: height, hair color, eye color, skin color, important detail… DONE. I actually like the idea of people reading my characters and picturing them for themselves and I’ve read some terrific books that never described the main character AT ALL, so I don’t think that’s too much of a problem in the context of a story, but… Yeeah… Redoing these character sheets is giving me a headache. =_=



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