If You Say So Dude…

So, went to the eye doctor this morning. My eyes are fine, I don’t need glasses (yet), but… The eye doctor said I’m not color blind, which, uh… What?

Yeah, he said I can’t be color blind because women can only carry the gene; only the boys are going to be color blind. I didn’t want to argue with the guy, but a) that’s not true, color blindness in women is just extremely rare, b) considering the sheer amount of color blindness in the family someone was bound to get ‘lucky’ and c) considering my ‘luck’ it sure as hell was going to be me. ^.-

He also tested me for Red-Green color blindness, which I in fact don’t have, so I can’t say he was wrong about that. Either way, it’s disappointing because I needed to talk to someone about this and the eye doctor didn’t seem to want to believe when I said I keep mistaking every fucking color except for green and red. >.<

I’m going to talk to my usual doctor about this instead, seeing as he specializes in neurology and that’s probably what I should have done in the first place; maybe he can enlighten me on this because I sure as hell am something. I didn’t draw all those purple trees in art class because I enjoyed getting teased by the other kids.



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