The Greatest Hypocrisy In The World

The greatest Hypocrisy in the world is calling someone a Hypocrite as though it was an insult. Because you know what? I shouldn’t be. Hypocrisy is a common trait of humanity. I’ve been called a Hypocrite for a gazillion things. Things I am not at all ashamed of.

For instance: whilst claiming to ‘hate’ Religion, not tolerating that it’d be mocked. While I admit I haven’t expressed myself in the best of ways by claiming to hate Religion in the first place, I can’t deny that it is technically true. However I have a strong respect for faith.

To me faith and religion are entirely separate things and whether or not you even believe in a God is completely irrelevant to whether you actually have faith in something, but I do understand that to a lot of people their faith is very deeply connected to their religion and thus, I feel compelled to respect that also.

To me that’s a simple case of deciding what matters most; hating religion or respecting faith. To others that means I’m one great hypocrite, or ‘on the fence’ about religion, or whatever other variation of that argument you can think of. And you know, I’m perfectly okay with that. I’ve decided to be because I can’t expect the world to give a shit for my explanations even if I could be bothered to give them.

Personally I find great humor in the fact that no one practices exactly what they preach and yet some people still expect to instill shame in others by pointing that out to them. Especially because it works. No one wants to be a hypocrite. Why not? What is the big fucking deal? Anyone capable of seeing the world beyond simple black and white is going to be a hypocrite at some point in their life. I think we’d all have a better time of it all if everyone just owned up to it already.



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