I’m Sorry, But I Have To Ask

Am I the only person on the planet who actually wants Jon Snow to stay dead?

I mean, I suppose I won’t be terribly annoyed if he doesn’t, but really I never saw the appeal of that whiny little bastard! I mean… GAAAWD! If anything I was actually happy he finally shut the fuck up.

And I know I’m not one to talk about other people’s characters being whiny (I’m looking at you, Jakey >.>), but seriously that guy just pissed me off! “Boohoo, I’m not a real Stark”, “Boohoo, I’m a better fighter than everyone else”, “Boohoo, the commander wants to personally teach me everything he knows”… Bitch, moan, rinse, repeat… The coolest thing about that pile of whine was his wolf and maybe his sword.

*sigh* Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. Just a bit. The truth is I just don’t think Jon Snow is/was such an interesting character. There were tons of characters I was far more interested in and didn’t live past a few episodes (I’m looking at you and your stupid monologuing, Oberyn >.<), meanwhile I had to put up with episode upon episode of Jon’s stupid little whiny face moping about that redhead he banged and then almost immediately betrayed. He was lucky if you ask me… Pull a stunt like that in Valcrest and you lose your balls; best case scenario. All we got out of that chick was episodes worth of her vowing to kill him to then predictably not killing him. Oh, the suspense!

Girl, you’re an embarrassment to redheads everywhere. And not just because you were killed by a 10 year old. =_=

I mean, I love Luckas, but if he outright double-crossed Ess I’d expect her to stab him dead or worse. And I’d be very disappointed if she didn’t. >.>

Even the way they actually off Jon, when they (supposedly) did was kind of predictable and lame. Julius Caesar was rolling his eyes and groaning in the afterlife, I swear. Twyin Lannister was an infuriating douche-cunt of a character, but at least his death was hilarious.

Here’s a confession for you: I was more emotional about Stannis Baratheon’s death than Jon’s and I hated that fucking lunatic with a fury.

*sigh* Whatever happens next season happens, I won’t be angry or anything like that, but really… I don’t think Jon deserved so many “omg all my favorite characters are dying!” and pillow clutching sob responses as he did. At least not to me. But then all I had to give him in general was a ‘meh’ at best. So I guess I’m biased.



2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, But I Have To Ask

  1. If he comes back, I’ll be pretty convinced that GRRM thinks he’s a pretty important character. When it comes to Game of Thrones, you don’t kill a character so overtly and then bring them back without good reason. The boy’s got some plot armour.

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    • I’m skeptical that HBO wouldn’t bring back a character just because the fangirls whined enough. And I’m skeptical GRRM wouldn’t allow it just to further traumatize his fans. >.>

      And yes, I know have no moral ground when it comes to bringing characters back from death, or ‘traumatizing the fans’ either. I’m just saying.

      One way or another… Meh.

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