Skipping Town For A Couple Days

I’m going out of town to visit my grandpa. Should be back on Monday.

The doctors are optimistic, and he’s not critical anymore, but he does have a cancerous tumor on his pancreas, so… It’s bad. Just thought I’d fill you guys in on the whole ‘may or not be bad’ situation I mentioned last time I brought it up. He’s starting chemotherapy today and will go home tomorrow if he responds well. My sister and I will find out when we get there most likely.

I’m going to finish packing and get my stuff ready for the trip and then I’ll see about finishing the part 02 of my Phantasmagoria playthrough, and perhaps schedule some My Immortal for the weekend.

I’ll fill you guys in some more when I get back and hopefully I’ll manage to go back to some sort of writing schedule after Christmas is done with. ^^”



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