Alright… Now: Updates!

I’m still exhausted, but I managed to get some sleep eventually.

Grandpa is doing okay all things considered. I mean, he’d be better without that whole tumor thing going on, and the ton of medication he has to take now, but under the circumstances, hes doing okay.

I think the biggest issue is that he now requires help to do certain things, which… He is not handling well at all. He even snapped a couple of times with my sister, going as far as complaining he’s ‘not an invalid’, which yeah… We know, Gramps. :/

Two of my brothers and my sister were there too. My brothers are staying until Christmas, my sister couldn’t bring her kids over to grandpa’s so she came back to spend Christmas with them; of course. And mom, other bro, and I will be joining them. Seeing as my aunt and her whole clueless noisy bunch of a family will be at grandpa’s too, we do the right thing by not adding to that stress.

Anyway, one thing we always love to do at grandpa’s is play cards. And he always loved playing with us. He’s damn great at it too. My sis and I played each other a few times, we asked if he wanted to play, but he didn’t feel like it… He was sleepy from the chemo, the brothers joined in on Saturday, but he still showed no interest… but on Sunday before we left he made sure to sit around and watch us play at least. And I think that’s a good sign that, psychologically, he’s starting to react.

We’ll see how he handles the Holidays now.



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