It’s Not Too Much To Ask

If I’m getting home past 1am, after spending five hours on a fucking bus, it is NOT too much to ask that my bed is exactly how I left it so I can immediately drop onto it without as much as kicking off my shoes.

Instead of doing that, however, I was forced to spend half an hour cleaning the fucking mess my brother left where my bed should be. Now I can’t get my pillows just how I like it which… Makes it very hard for me to actually get a good sleep for the first time in almost four days.

Great. Just fucking great.

You know, I don’t ask much of the people I live with, only that they stay… the fuck… away… From my bed!

*sigh* Sorry guys… It’s been a long night. I’ll tell you all about the trip tomorrow; assuming I can get some sleep.



4 thoughts on “It’s Not Too Much To Ask

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