10 Songs Whose Creators I Have Viciously Cursed

Do you have a song, or songs, that offends your senses in such a that you actually came to loathe the person who brought it into the world? I have. I have at least ten of them. They are not all horrible songs, but most of them plagued my existence in such a way I can’t, for the life of me, tolerate them in any way.

WARNING: There are some extremely clingy songs on this list. Carry on at your own risk.

10) Outkast – Hey Ya

I hate you Outkast. I hate you. IHATEYOU! GAAAH.

Seriously this song played so much when I was in school, so much! And it’s so damn catchy that I was walking around mumbling ‘hey ya’ for fucking months on end. UGH.

9) Black Eyed Peas – Pump It

Oh, Black Eyed Peas… we meet again. =_=

I have to admit that, although I hate this song with a fury, if not for any other reason simply for forever ruining the theme of one of the greatest movies in the history of movies, thi video is kinda fascinating. This video has some of the lamest displays of both dance-fighting and soccer I have ever soiled my eyesight with.

8) Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

I don’t hate this song. And the fact that I don’t hate this song makes me hate myself just a tiny little bit. I don’t even hate the video, I think it’s hilarious. It’s like someone took that creepy alternate dimension from Silent Hill and gave it a very ‘artsy’ makeover (and if you’re a Silent Hill fan, I am deeply sorry for that comparison). You did this to me Lady Gaga… YOU DID THIS TO MEEE!!!!

Gladly, Halestorm come to my rescue and did a version of this song that I can actually love without wanting to kill myself.

Oh, Lizzy… Everything you touch turns to epicness. *swoons*

7) Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

If you’ve caught the previous instances of me ranting about how much I loathe this song and Avril Lavigne for inflicting its horribleness on me, then be very afraid. Because we’re not even halfway into this list. You think I couldn’t hate anything more than I hate this song. Haha… This is gonna get ugly. =_=

6) Kylie Minogue – Cant Get You Out Of My Head

I know Kylie Minogue is like, some sort of national treasure in Australia or something like that, but over here she’s the nuisance who plagued months of my life with this very ironically named song. =_=

5) Daft Punk – One More Time

My nephew was obsessed with this song for a year. A YEAR. A WHOLE FREAKING YEAR. *sigh* I have to admit the video is pretty neat, but I hate this song. It’s repetitive techno-crap. And it’s so insanely clingy that I honest to God embedded this video without having the courage to play it out of fear of never being able to get this stupid thing out of my head.

Speaking of clingy… =_=

4) Idina Menzel – Let It Go


Look, I don’t actually dislike this song. And yes, I absolutely love this movie, but OH MY GOD PLEASE SHUT UP. SHUT UP. NO MORE! I CAN’T STAND TO LISTEN ANY MORE!!! *sits in the corner curled up into a ball and rocking back and forth* O_O “Let it gooooo…. LET IT GOOOO…”

3) Psy – Gagnam Style

*sigh* Yes, we knew this was going to be on this list at some point… I only actually watched this video three times (counting now), but this song played EVERYWHERE I went for months on end. And it’s so goddamn clingy and obnoxious it makes me want to go on a baby punching spree. Just GAH.

2) Ylvis – The Fox

This song is so unbelievably STUPID! I mean, by GOD is it stupid! And you know, the worst part is, despite it being annoying as all fuck, it’s actually pretty damn funny. Which led me to look up other videos by these guys which are actually even more funny. I’m not linking any, for your sanity, because ugh do I regret it. And I curse the very day someone came up with this stupid fox song! UUUGH.

1) Nenhum De Nós – Camila, Camila

Odds are you guys not from Brazil aren’t going to know this song, but you don’t have to. This is a song with my name on it. It came out only two years before I was born. And from very early childhood I was plagued by people randomly singing it to me just because it’s my name. And here’s the thing… This isn’t a bad song in any way and this is a band I actually like aside from the fact they wrote this and unknowingly infuriated me on a near-daily basis for give or take a couple of decades (thanks a lot assholes! >.<). However, this is a song about a domestic abuse. It’s not a happy song and the title character of this song is an abuse victim. Soooo… I was, and always am, more than a little miffed at people associating me with it. Even more the several assumptions that my mom named me after the song because WHO WOULD DO THAT!? LISTEN TO IT DAMN IT.

*sigh* Fuck you, Thedy Côrrea… just… fuck you so much… You could have used ANY NAME!!! ANY NAME! >.<

Welp… Now you all know my most hated song in the world. And it’s a great song. I would love it if it weren’t like a goddamn personal hell to me. =_=



3 thoughts on “10 Songs Whose Creators I Have Viciously Cursed

  1. I think I’m lucky to be the age I am, because most of those entries, due to my age and lack of much social interaction, have passed me by in all but the most cursory ways. I’m aware of all of them (except Camila), but wasn’t exposed to them overmuch… except Avril, but even though that one is associated with someone I’d love to eviscerate, and Avril herself is a terrible person, the general peppiness of it and the horrid obsession I have with her means I can’t even hate that one. XD

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  2. While I can’t agree with some of them on the list (Gaga, OutKast, Daft Punk) and I agree whole heartedly with others (Avril, BEP, Ylvis), I mostly just have this to say: what is with having people associate horrible songs to you because they have your name in them? Mine is Ray Peterson’s “Tell Laura I Love Her.” My mom sings it at me all the time and a few other people, too, Nothing like a song about a boy who dies tragically in a stock car racing accident to impress a girl to make you feel better, right?….I’m not familiar with yours, but yours is even worse.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s the worst, right? Can’t tell you how many times I stopped and explained to people wtf they’re actually singing at me in the hopes they’d stop. Not all of them do. =_=


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