Never Ending Debates: The Jar Jar Effect

There’s something in fiction I like to call the ‘Jar Jar Binks effect’ or alternatively ‘The Twilight Vampire phenomena’. And that is when the general public chooses one single aspect of a horrible work of fiction to deposit all their hate into.

And the reason I bring this on is because my brother is binge watching the Star Wars films, starting from Phantom Menace, and was pretty miffed at my comment that Episode One is the least horrible prequel in my opinion.

To a lot of people that’s not true because it has the most Jar Jar Binks, but here’s the thing though; I don’t care about Jar Jar. I don’t hate him. He’s annoying as fuck and completely useless, yes, but whatever. My issue with the prequels is Anakin and Obi-Wan and since Obi-Wan is still a padawan here and Anakin is a little kid it is sorta excusable that the first is a bit of a moron and the latter is a whiny brat. On the second and third episodes… It goes into unforgivable territory for me really fast. Not to mention the horrible, horrible, unbelievably awkward romance between Anakin and Padme. Just… HORRIBLE.

Bottom line; take Jar Jar out of the equation completely and you still have a fucking terrible trilogy. Much like removing the glitter effect from Edward would never automatically make Twilight a literary masterpiece.

Therefore I don’t hate Jar Jar and I don’t think he’s a valid argument for whether or not one of these movies is worst than the others. Anakin is though. He totally is.

And no. I honestly can’t say which of the other two movies is the worst, but I can say they’re both a ton more annoying than Phantom Menace.



5 thoughts on “Never Ending Debates: The Jar Jar Effect

  1. Myself, while I despise Jar Jar and would gleefully incinerate him (in the same pyre as Boba Fett, if at all possible), I don’t think he “ruined” the prequel trilogy… they did that by having dull plots where the outcome is pretty much already known, having godawful actors in most cases, delivering terrible lines, and wasting truly epic potential moments (I’m looking at you, Episode III, and all your potentially awesome and yet ultimately lame lightsaber duels.)

    I think it’s a case of him being a blatantly obvious, easily identifiable (even for those who don’t watch the films or know much about them) scapegoat. You can say “Jar Jar Binks sucks” and 90% of the population knows who and what you mean. Discussing what a whiny little turd Baby Anakin is will get a blank stare. Pointing out the terrible waste of having a 7 lightsaber toting Sithbot “dueling” Obi Wan by tossing the sabers out 10 seconds into the fight and going for a slapstick motorcycle chase followed by a Jedi shooting him with a blaster will just mark you as a nerd and get you dismissed. Attempting to point out the political idiocy of a temporary head senator declaring himself Emperor for the purposes of plot expediency when they obviously didn’t contemplate just how long Palpatine should realistically have been in power to lead to Episode IV’s universe will have them giving you atomic wedgies and swirlies.

    Ditto the Edward thing; everyone knows he sparkles and it’s stupid. It’s an obvious point of reference for interaction regardless if it is with fans/haters or the general populace. Anything else marks you as someone who read the books, which works against you (because the haters will think you’re stupid for having read them, and the lovers will count you as a traitor if you speak ill of it.)

    But that’s just my two cents. XD

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      • Because, as presented in the original films, he’s incredibly unimpressive. “Hey, look at me! I say three lines, screw up miserably, and get digested for a thousand years! Yay!” Yet somehow that leads to roughly two billion exclamations of him being the best, most amazing character ever, dozens of borderline fanfic garbage novels (and this is coming from the Star Wars universe, where the good novels tend to read like fanfics) that all contradict both what happened in the films and each other on a regular basis.
        Then we’re forced to endure it all again with Jango, who’s basically the same thing, but at least has the amusement factor of explaining why clone/stormtroopers are the most ineffective soldiers ever, if that’s their template…

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