Red Hot Chili Peppers

My eyes are still burning.

I didn’t actually touch my eyes, mind you, I was self aware enough to avoid that. They are burning all the same just from being near the freshly cut peppers. I have sensitive eyes; so I should’ve anticipated that.

I only touched my chin and after having washed my hands multiple times. Now I’ve got a bit of a burning rash on my chin. Probably an allergic reaction. Which… I never actually get from eating chili peppers. Thankfully they only seem to hurt me from the outside. 😛

I’m only making this post to explain that, as I’ve learned today, you should try to wear gloves or protect your hands somehow when handling peppers. But if you don’t, the pepper oils that have clung to my skin like a goddamn plague and proceeded to burn me in several parts of my body I carelessly touched throughout the day, are best cleaned off with oil. I used soy based cooking oil. I had to douse my hands in the stuff and wash it off with detergent three times so I could finally no longer be a hazard to myself.

We still have a good portion of chilis to be used and I already told my brothers I’m not touching that shit ever again. Nor do I intend to have my eyes or nose in the general vicinity of them being handled. Fuck that.

I love spicy food, but it’s just not worth it. V.V

I hear not everyone gets reactions like this from peppers (my bro didn’t for one), but if you guys should ever need it, remember; cooking oil works. 🙂



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