Top 10 Favorite Michael Jackson Music Videos

It was too hot in my room last night. Weather forecast is promising some rain in the upcoming days, but uuuungh…. Can’t sleep. Ended up going to YouTube for the night and one thing led to another… MJ video list!

Note that this is my personal favorite list and that is for my favorite videos, not my favorite songs necessarily.

10) Billie Jean (1982)

Why is Michael some weird magical vanishing being, who is that creepy dude in the trench coat and whose kid is it? I need answers, video! ^.-

According to the internets this song is about some crazy lady who stalked Michael back in the day and claimed he was the father of one of her twin boys. Yep. Just the one; not both. Somehow I think that wouldn’t have held up in court very well. Either way, it’s a pretty incredible song and it’s an awesome video.

09) Beat It (1982)

Oh, Michael… Ending violence with the power of fabulous dance moves one random gang fight at a time. 🙂

08) In The Closet (1991)

This video is just really… uhm… Effective… for this song. What else do you guys want me to say? I just like it. >.>

07) Remember The Time (1992)

Just Eddie Murphy’s eyebrow raising turns the cool factor in this video up to 100. There is a short version to this video, but… That’s not how we do it around here. >.>

06) Scream (1995) ft, Janet Jackson

I love this song. I do. and this video is just so… badass… O_o.

05) Black or White (1991)

The Dangerous album was and still kind of is my favorite. And if you’re a 90’s kid like me odd are this is the song you think of first when you think ‘Michael Jackson’

04) Say Say Say (1983) ft. Paul McCartney

I love this video. It’s just full of charm and whimsy. And Paul McCartney was my second favorite Beatle (after George Harrison, if you’re wondering)

03) They Don’t Care About Us (1996)

It’d be almost unpatriotic to not have this one at least in my top 3. Besides I was seven years old at the time this video was shot and I remember very clearly the commotion it was. I wasn’t there, obviously, but there was a nationwide uproar over Michael Jackson and Olodum which is not only an amazing percussion group, but a very important social organization and cultural movement here in Brazil and this video has actually brought them worldwide recognition which was a pretty awesome thing not to mention very well deserved.

So yeah those are actual people and actual military policemen (and women) in the video.

02) Thriller (1982)

I was terrified of this song as a kid. And it’s not because of the video itself; it wasn’t the horror movie scenes, or the dancing zombies, no… It was Vicent Price’s voice over that scared the living daylight out of me. I couldn’t even understand what he was saying, but just his voice was enough. o.O

That said, this video is still one of my favorite things in the world. It’s just a work of genius. There’s nothing more to say about it, just genius.

01) Smooth Criminal

I know I watched Moonwalker at least a half a dozen times and honest to God this is the only sequence of that movie I still actually remember. And it’s GLORIOUS. I mean really, if Thriller is second to any video it had to be this one. Every single second of this is unbelievably COOL.

And I remember very clearly the first time I actually paid attention to the words on this song and realized that, uh, Annie is most definitely not okay. In fact that sounds a bit like a silly question all things considered, but who cares. It’s AWESOME!


“What are you talking about? I’m perfectly okay.”

Not you, Annie. You have a  very common name, you know? Besides, it’s still a bit soon to say that with such certainty.

“Oh, I trust your judgment completely.” *smirk*

*groans* Smart ass.



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