Holy Crap, It’s Jake!

Hey, guys! GUYYS! LOOK! IT’S JAKE!!!


I particularly love how grumpy he looks. Jake is constantly grumpy, especially when he’s trying to be the big brother and scold Ess about whatever crazy antics she and her favorite stalker are getting themselves into.

I paid the measly sum of 7 US Dollars for this artwork. This artist, this incredible artist, I follow on deviantArt; Alpha-Song, took a description, some hastily googled clothing and hair references and she drew me a picture of Jake. I am ever so excited. I can’t stop looking at it!

So yeah, there you guys have it. That’s Jakey. And you know what, his hair looks really soft. I don’t know why Crys is always bitching about wanting him to cut it. I for once wouldn’t mind cuddling that. >.>




One thought on “Holy Crap, It’s Jake!

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