Ask A Character (Fan Club Edition)

I was going through some old docs on my Google Drive and… I discovered an unfinished Q&A thread I was going to start for the RP with things our ‘fan club’ had asked about the characters and the story. A lot of those questions have since been answered in the story, but I thought it’d be fun to let the voices handle them anyway. So let’s begin.

Q: So, if Luckas doesn’t like it when people touch him… Does that mean he’s like… A virgin?

“What the hell is wrong with these people? That’s none of their business!”

“So, yes?”


“Aw, that’s nothing to be ashamed of, Little Man. You know what they say; better late than never. You’re quite presentable after all, I’m sure we can find a lady willing to teach you something.”


“Dastan, I think that’s enough advice.” *glare*

Q: Is that Adam guy actually Ali’s brother? (I have no idea where the heck that one came from, I swear)

“I was ten when my brother died. How dimwitted do you think I am to be standing in front of him and not know who he is?” =_=

“Well he would have aged, to be fair.”

“To someone with completely different hair and eye color? Just because I have blonde hair and blue eyes, doesn’t mean he did too.  Alex is dead. Trust me; I was there. Next question.”

Q: Is Lena really dead?

“My mother is definitely dead. We checked multiple times. At one point I thought she might sit up and yell ‘surprise’, but no. Still dead.”



“You scare the crap out of me sometimes, Kid.”

“Aw, why?” *smiles*


Q: Was The Shadow Annie’s real father?

“Eldric Fletcher was my father. And I resent the implication my mother would ever be intimately involved with that psychopath.”

“You know, I kind of resent that too.” >.>

“In what way do you feel entitled to resent any implications involving Lena’s intimacy, Luckas?”

“It’s one thing that the guy was smart enough to keep his identity from her; that can happen to the best of us I suppose, but to imply he’d be able to fool her to that extent is just… No. I’m still the only one allowed to insult her intelligence. I won’t stand for this shit.” >.>

“I bet he could have gotten her if he wanted to. For what I know of the woman she probably needed to unwind too, you know…”

“One more word out of you and our next conversation won’t be quite as civil as the last one, Mistress.”

*snickers* “Aren’t you a feisty little pacifist? Sweetie, you know that’s how it will be either way. At least I’m counting on it.”

Oookay, this one has gone way off track. Next quest-

“Aw, I thought we were having fun.”

Next question *locks Sam’s cage*

Q: What did Dastan whisper to Crys when he walked past her at the Blackpond Ball?

“Don’t look at me. That was months ago… I was drunk…” >.>

“That’s a good question, what did he whisper?”

“Jakey…” *sigh* “Dastan made a slightly rude comment regarding a certain accidental gesture of affection between Evin and myself.”

“Oh… Anything I might need to apologize for?”

“Oh. No. Not at all. If I had been offended in any way you’d definitely know by now.”

Q: Has anything ever happened between Jake and Sheila?

“What? No! Why do people assume that? No!” =_=

“Well, you did act quite intimate in plain view of several spectators, Jakey.”

“That wasn’t personal… It was… How do you even know that?”

“I had Trevor watching the Inn, how else would I know?”

“Is that why he’s such an asshole to me all the time?”

“Actually, no. He doesn’t like you because while we all thought Crys was dead, in one of the times you broke into camp to antagonize Sean, you ended up breaking his arm in three places. He spent half a year in the White Shadows wearing a cast. Still hurts when it rains.”


“Although the fooling around with the innkeeper behind Crys’ back doesn’t help your case.”

“We never ‘fooled around’ and… Well… I should probably apologize for the other stuff sometime.”

“Mhm. I’m sure that’ll end well. Have you forgiven Evin for slicing half your ear off, yet?”

“I don’t quite recall him ever apologizing actually. And I’m not exactly holding my breath either.”

Q: What is Alistair’s ‘deal’?

“Al’s not here so even if  I knew anything, which I don’t, I wouldn’t talk about it behind his back.”

Q: Jake and Crys are getting back together right?

“Yes, they are.”

“Of course they are.”

“That’s barely even a question.”

“Uhm… Guys, shouldn’t one of us answer that question? It is kind of personal.”

“Guys, we love you, but it’s painfully obvious you’re getting back together. I mean, were you even broken up to begin with? It’s more like you just had a little spat and then avoided each other for two years. I’d barely call that a break up.”

“Stupid; that’s what I’ve been calling it.”

=_= “Fine. Whatever. Next question.”

Q: Whhhyyyy…. Why doesn’t Jake get a puppy!?

*scratches behind Kaya’s ears*  “What the hell are you talking about?” ^.-

My thoughts exactly. *shakes head*

And that’s all the questions we have today. Hope you guys had fun; I know I did. 😛




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