“Jakey, try to sleep. You need rest.” Crys sighed, reaching over her shoulder and covering Jake’s eyes with her hand. “What’reyoudoin’?” She asked in one single, half-asleep, mumble.

Jake shook his head as to uncover his eyes, both arms wrapped tight around Crys’ body. “Well, I only have so much time alone with you. I’d rather not waste it on nightmares and restless sleep,” He rasped his chin in a subtle trail along the back of Crys’ shoulder, smiling when she squirmed and whined, ever so slightly, at his gesture. “You have these freckles here… They weren’t there two years ago… They remind me of the stars above the lake in the forest… Those exact stars… So I was staring at them.”

“Hmmm…ph…” Crys scoffed, half asleep still. “Are you making that up? Because I will have Ali check for me if I have to.”

Jake snickered. “I love your freckles. I don’t understand why they bother you so much.”

Crys yawned, seeming to accept the fact Jake wasn’t going to shut up and let her go back to sleep. Gently, she pushed against him with her elbow until he gave her enough space to turn around. “Twins… I hate this stupid bed…” She muttered as the wooden structure creaked loudly underneath them. It occurred to her the thing had probably been that noisy most of the night. If that was the case, sure as the Sun rises over the desert, Nick would have something to say about it later. She sighed, resting her forehead against Jake’s shoulder. “They started showing up on my face when I was about five, or six; not sure, and well… The other children started to tease me about it. Lionel called me ‘rusty’ for about a month before Eldric caught on and made him stop.”

“Oh, come on, you don’t have that many…” Jake argued, trying to hide a small chuckle.

“I used to. Most of them faded by the time you arrived in camp, Jakey. And then I had other concerns, such as not going insane… and all of that… So I stopped bothering so much with what people called me.”

“Hmmm… That’s not entirely true. Remember Jasmine?”


“That girl who had a thing for Lionel, she was constantly picking on you, she kept calling you Kristy on purpose until…”

“…I punched her in the mouth. I remember. I was having a bad day.” Crys snorted. “Wasn’t she the girl you got caught peeping on?”

“I wasn’t peeping.” Jake protested, poking Crys between the ribs. “I think Sean tricked me into making her bedroom wall invisible because he wanted to spy on her though. Most of the boys were obsessed with her at that time. Can’t quite blame them, she was incredibly attrac-…” Jake’s voice trailed off and he faked a small cough. “Not that I cared anyway.”

“Smooth.” Crys teased. “Wait, weren’t she and Lionel together, when he d-… When I kil-… When he died?”

“Not exactly.” Jake sighed. “She died the first time the Black Knights raided the camp.”

“Ah.” Crys mumbled.

“I heard she and Dastan had a bit of a thing when the Crimson were staying in the forest too.” Jake said, brushing off the mention of the girl’s death as though it never happened.

“Mhm…” Crys mumbled, staring up at Jake with a playful smirk. “Well, I can’t quite blame her, after all Dastan is incredibl-…”

“Not funny, Crystal.” Jake cut her off, frowning.

“Aw, but you know I don’t care anyway.” She laughed, ruffling up his hair as though he were a child. “You’re such an idiot, Jakey. Did you honestly think that just because Dastan thought he had feelings for me, something was going to happen?”

“It’s Dastan, has something ever not happen with that guy?”

Crys shook her head, clearly still amused, letting her fingers trail from Jake’s hair and beginning to idly trace the lines of his face. She liked his face, even with that stupid scratchy stubble he refused to get rid of. “Idiot,” she repeated. “And you give Dastan too much credit. I mean, he is very, hm, charming, as it were, but… Well, as I keep saying; he needs a wife. Deep down that’s the kind of guy he is, he just won’t admit it.”

“And you think constantly pestering him about it will help?” Jake questioned.

“Pfft… No. I do that to annoy him.”

“Mhm…” Jake mumbled, leaning forward and pressing his forehead to hers. “I’m sure he appreciates that.”

“Hush, I’m a wonderful friend.” She chuckled.

“You sure are… Wonderful…” Jake mumbled, his eyes closing despite his best efforts.

Crys snorted a chuckle, giving Jake a short kiss before closing her eyes as well. “Love you… Idiot.”


Fun Facts:

– The Sun rises from the south in Valcrest; hence the mention of it rising over the desert, and I actually remember that despite it not really being mentioned in the RP since, I think, SOP.

– I get a really good laugh out of imagining Crys demanding Ali checks her shoulder for freckles.

– They will most definitely get some comments from Nick on the noisy bed. It’ll lead to Crys insisting they sleep on the floor until she gets it replaced.

– I imagine Jake is a very clingy sleeper and although that’s something that should bother Crys; it just doesn’t.

I gave it some thought and realized that this scene popping in my head is entirely Doomed’s fault. Because we had a talk about freckles a few days ago. And it made me think how I had decided a long time ago that Crys didn’t like it when people mentioned hers, but it never actually came up in the story. So yeah… Up until 5am writing this silly nonsense of a scene because of that one fact stuck in my brain.

I know exactly when in the RP’s timeline this happens, but I’m not sure if it’ll even make sense to post it, so it’ll probably just remain as an ‘extra’. Or maybe not. Sometimes I just can’t help posting things. 😛



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