I Love Misery (I Guess)

It seems to be twenty times more difficult for me to write a happy scene than a sad one and.. Sometimes when I start writing something happy I just find a way to turn it around somehow. Like this one time while I was doing this Creative Writing class, where I had to write this chance meeting between too people and whatnot. And I have these two people on a bus… And then at the end I just crash the bus and kill one of ’em.


And it’s not like I think to myself “I’m gonna crash this bus and kill someone because DRAMA!”. No. I think it’s just some part of me that genuinely believes that’s how reality works to some extent. Great things can happen sure, but sooner or later life is going to fuck you over and there’s no escape.

I suppose that makes me a good writer in some ways, but I can’t help but look at myself sometimes and think “holy shit, kid… What the heck is wrong with you?” o.O



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