Society pisses me off. It does.

I know, I know… I’m gonna have to be a bit more specific. And you guys are probably going to think that this is a stupid thing to post about. You’re right. It is.


I’m going to write that again just to let it sink in… Manspreading.

I’ve heard of this. I think I saw some ‘news’ headline on the internet about police taking action against ‘manspreading’ in the NY subways. And I immediately thought it was like some kind of a… Lewd act of some sort people were doing on the subways now. That there was some kind of an increase on subway perverts in NYC.

That’s not the case. Manspreading is a term for when a man sits with his legs open and takes up too much space. That’s it!

And now I’m wondering if that headline I read was for a joke news article because why would the NYPD give a shit!?

Today I found out what the term means and my two reactions were “WTF! Are people serious?” and then immediately “why manspreading?”. Because I do that on the bus ALL THE TIME. If there’s room next to me, fuck it. I’ll put my back to the window and stretch my legs across both seats. I’ve done that several times. Worst thing that ever happened was someone wanting to sit and me having to give them space. They don’t even have to ask, because I keep track if people around me are needing that space, but if I didn’t all they’d have to do is be like “ehem…” =_=

That’s it! Someone is taking up space that you need… Fucking tell them to move. What do you think is gonna happen? Worst case scenario they’ll be assholes and say no, but that’s hardly something that needs to involve the police!

I gave the term a quick google search and there were several articles about how it’s a genetic thing… that men ‘manspread’ because they’re men, basically. Or because they need to let their balls breathe (which is dubious in the very least, but whatever, I’m not an expert on having balls) So… What the fuck does that make me? Seriously, what? I’m 100% genetically female and if by some chance I was wrong about that, there’s no way in hell I’d not know about having balls. I don’t. I can check right now just to be super sure…. Yeah, no… Not there. *eye-roll*

Why are people talking about this!? Have we cured cancer yet? Cause my grandpa sure as hell could use something like that from science right now. As opposed to speculation on whether he needs to ventilate his gnads on public transportation or not.

When have we, as a race, become such fucking morons!?

Holy fuck!



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