Let’s Rant Some More

I think I broke my record for how many ‘fucks’ I used in a post last night. And usually when I rant like that I’ll cool my head and then be like “Man, shouldn’t have done that…”, but this isn’t like that. I genuinely meant every line of that post. I have no level of respect or empathy for people who think they’re making society better through vandalism. Because you know what? Our economy may be shit right now, our system may be corrupt as hell, but… Worldwide problems considered; we’re not so deep in shit that violence is THE ONLY WAY to make a change.

If people pulled their heads out of their asses for five minutes; just long enough to do a little digging or at least try to give a shit and become informed on who the hell they vote for we would be a few inches less buried in crap. But no. No, no, no… This is how we do things: we vote for the same person again as we did last time, despite not being happy with them AT ALL. Then we bitch and moan and start demanding an impeachment.

Guys; if the fact everyone keeps saying everything is the president’s fault was grounds for impeachment then Obama would have been booted off the White House ages ago. Because literally 90% of the time I see his name on the internet someone’s blaming him for random shit. Just saying.

We campaign and whine and moan because “oh we should totally host the FIFA World Cup! We’re Brazil!” and then we get it “YAAAY”. Five minutes later everyone is bitching that the government is spending money on it. Well who the fuck did you think was gonna pay for it, you morons!? But no… It’s not our fault. We didn’t totally want this. So we go and boo the President in public during the opening ceremony and we vandalize statues of the World Cup mascot, because that totally makes it better. No, that didn’t makes us look like assholes in front of the entire world, did it?

And it’s always like that. We bitch because we want things but we don’t understand the concept of paying for them. Now, my city has THE cleanest most well maintained public transport ever. This I heard from out of state friends visiting. And honestly, I rode the bus in São Paulo and.. yeah… I can see that being true. Almost all of our public buses are clean, in perfect working order, and air conditioned. I can ride a bus from the Airport (all the way across the city) to a stop a couple of blocks from my house without braking a sweat. And over here, in the summer… That’s a life saver. People enjoy all of that, on a daily basis, but they don’t want to pay for it. When I was a kid you could ride for 90 cents. Sure you could, but the vehicles were shit. Not to mention that EVERYTHING cost less back then because the economy was different. You uneducated twats. Minimum wage back then was also about five times less than today; would you like to reverse that change? I didn’t think so!

Brazil is going to keep going to shit, I presume, in the next few years. And you know what? It’s not the government’s fault. Yes, they’re corrupted fucktards, but we enable them on a regular basis. We get distracted with petty shit, like the World Cup and The Olympics (good luck pissing your money away on that Rio!), and Carnaval (again, good luck with that Rio)… We have no sense of moral, political, or social responsibility… We’re just a bunch of whiny toddlers who want all the pricey treats we see in the supermarket shelves, because we can’t comprehend our parents can’t afford them! As a society… That’s what we are. The only way we know how to react to things not going our way is to stomp our feet and shout “I WANT IT!”

If that doesn’t work we break shit. Because we value nothing outside of our own wants and needs.

And that’s why I hate rioters. They are… Poster boys/girls for this kind of mentality, for this sickness afflicting society’s collective mind. The only thing they manage to do is become the cause of everything they claim to fight against.

Who do you think is going to pay for the shit you set on fire? Hm? Who do you think? Do you think the Governor or the President are going to take money out of their own pockets? No, you morons. We are paying for it. So you can show your bruises on social media to draw sympathy, you can villainize the cops and bitch and moan and claim you’re being persecuted for speaking your mind (which is utter bullshit and you know it)… The truth of the matter is that your existence is a pile of nothing. You contribute nothing and you accomplish nothing. Just enjoy your fake sympathy and see if you’re so proud of yourself when you’re in your fifties and have, hopefully, grown up enough to realize what a pile of uselessness you were. Unlike people who can, today, hold their heads up high and say “I fought for democracy in the 60’s”, you’ll look back on this and feel ashamed at the stupid crap you’ve done. If you manage to gain some sort of understanding of how the world works at some point in the future. Maybe I’m thinking too highly of you.


And this is why I usually don’t talk about politics. Because I’m fed up. I got asked if my rant last night was about a specific event; one that I wasn’t even aware of, but no… It’s not just one thing. It’s everything. Society is just going to shit more and more and more.

Nothing proves that quite as much as idolizing rioters and criminals and villainizing people who are paid shit to get rocks thrown at their heads, knowing that anything they do to defend themselves is going to be seen as excessive and brutal. And like I said, I don’t condone excessive force, but I really, really, think these guys need to learn the real definition of brutality so they’d stop acting like they’re the victims of the shit they cause.

Anyway… This is the end of that guys. And no more social commentary for me; at least for a while… I’m gonna go find something a bit more lighthearted to post about next.



5 thoughts on “Let’s Rant Some More

  1. Here’s a story: Worked an eight hour shift today taking shit from customers, surprisingly not the coworkers today; so plus, right? I WISH I could say things on my mind at times, for example, today. The call itself was basic and the customer was very nice. I received a call from a tech that many don’t like and it’s his sarcastic and dreary personality. I get that. Point being, two things you NEVER want to get talking on with a customer is religion or politics but BEHOLD, Bill was talking politics with the customer where they seemed to agree. At least it sounded that way. Before I go off on why I wanted to crawl into a hole and wait for the people of the world to finish killing each other, I have no issue with people having an opinion. THE issue I have is when they have nothing to back it up with except BECAUSE, or HE’S A DICK. Well why, site some examples. Anywho, Bill and customer are CONVINCED Donald Trump will become the next President of the USA. I did everything I could to not laugh in their ears hysterically. I just stated, “No he won’t” and ended it there. Their reasoning??? GET THIS! “Trump doesn’t care what other people think or say about him and we need someone like that.” Really? THAT’S YOUR FUCKING REASON?! i am not hard core, up to speed on the news but even I know he is racist, anti women, and basically wants to put Muslim Americans in a camp JUST like during WWII with the Japanese Americans. Sick. Fucking Sick. I am making sure I vote this year JUST so I know I did my bit to keep him out of office and if that fails, THEN i have a right to bitch and move to Canada. Free healthcare, fucking why not?


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