Oh, Wow…

It’s almost 5am… Crap.

I was randomly going through an old email account and found a link there to an old blog of mine from 2008-2009. I thought I’d closed that blog, but apparently not. Hm.

It’s in Portuguese, but even if you guys could read it (and I know a couple of you actually can, but the majority can’t) I don’t know if I would give that link. I’ve said a few times I have nothing to hide and while that’s true… I was 19 back then, wtf did I know about life?

To give you guys an idea the only comments on that blog are from my mom. That’s not a joke; they really are from my mom. >.>

I want to smack that kid in the back of her head. I want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her as hard as freaking possible. I want to look her in the eyes and say I am what she made me; for better or worse. That’s not a bad thing. I’m a good person and most days I know that.

In 2009 I was finishing the first draft of my book after writing it by hand for two years straight. Have I mentioned that before? I hand wrote my first draft across, I dunno, maybe ten notebooks.

Amogst the meaningless posts in that blog though there are mentions of the deaths of my grandmother and my second cousin; people whom I loved and still terribly miss. Even if my grandma and me would often fight over meaningless shit. I should talk about her some time when I’m more awake.

Interesting things I say about my characters in that blog as well. I talk about Eric as the character who needs to change the most. And I’m not sure I still believe that. I think Ali possibly needs to change more than him. Or maybe they’re even; it’s hard to tell seeing as they need to change different things for different reasons and how do you measure personal growth anyways? Never mind, it’s not a competition.


It’s not! >.<

And that was me in my pre-RPG days… I sound so horribly sane. >.>




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