Stalkers Day Is Near!

Before I go on with what I have to say, I’m sorry I’ve been kind of absent. Been caught up in watching the Carnaval festivities and as of yesterday I’ve been working on this bit of writing that’s… Kind of consuming my thoughts. ^^”

Also, I made this and I really like how it turned out, so I’m gonna show it off:

Nooow… Stalkers’ Day! Wooohooo!

Are you guys excited? I’m excited!

Wifey and I think we can actually hijack the date from Valentine’s Day if we gather enough support, so if you guys want to help us out, spread the word!

Let’s make February 14th the official day of creepy, awkward, borderline disturbing, displays of affection!

Now, since a lot of people out there don’t understand this I’m making a small Public Service Announcement, pay attention and share it with your friends, cause it’s absolutely vital that this is made perfectly clear:

Stalking, whether it’d be online or in real life, should always be conducted as a creepy as hell act of affection between consenting adults and should never, and I mean NEVER, lead to harassing and/or violence.

“but Biiird…” you whine from your spot behind your neighbor’s bushes… “if they know you’re doing it, it’s not stalking!”

That’s not true. And thinking that it’s true makes you one terrible stalker. I mean come on, stalking someone when they’re not expecting it is easy, what’re you a noob? Step up your game; loser. =_=

Besides, where’s the fun in stalking someone who’s not going to stalk you back? I mean, relationships need to be a two-way street. You can’t just be the one doing all the work, it’s not fair, is it? Don’t sell yourself short by stalking someone who’s not willing to do their share as well. It’s totally not worth it and will only lead to heartache… And possibly a restraining order.

So to reiterate: Stalking should be an act of love and not violence. And if you’re without someone to stalk this SD, just hang in there; sure enough the right person will come along soon. You’ll know ’em when you see ’em… Or maybe they’ll see you first. O_O

Also be safe out there… Tasers can turn out to be deadly and pepper spray hurts like a mother…



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