Stalker’s Day Music List 2016!

Alright guys, today is THE day. Stalkers Day! WOHOO! And as I once mentioned before, there’s nothing to get you in a proper Stalkers Day mood than some creepy music! Hell yes!

Now, while my previous list was about more unintentionally stalkery music; for the most part. This one is going more along the lines of throwing subtlety out the window and bringing out the full on stalker-creepy love vibe!

And I thought I’d start with a reader suggestion given on my last list. Louis from VA suggested this song and I mentioned I might know it; turns out I did and yes… We need that on this list. So without furthe ado…

Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart

Now there’s a much shorter version of this video (singing on this one starts at about 4:40 minutes in, if you’d like to skip), but I thought that for stalker vibe purposes this one was much better because it basically forces you to ‘silently’ follow this woman around for four and a half minutes. It’s an interesting experience. >.>

Maroon 5 – Animals

I’ve gone through a weird Maroon 5 kick a couple of days ago. I don’t know why; I never liked them really, but I did find this video and whoa. I swear to God I never expected to find Adam Levine sexy… er, scary. >.>

Seriously though, this video, yikes! We need to go find something more romantic… a bit softer maybe. >.>

George Michael – Father Figure

It worries me that I had to explain more than once why this song creeps me the hell out. I mean; seriously? I think there should be some sort of stalker code of honor that says it’s not cool to prey on someone’s daddy/mommy issues. NOT COOL, George Michael. Shame on you!

Evanescence – Snow White Queen

Evanescence has a disturbing amount of songs about stalking. Just wow. This happens to be the one that gives me the chills though. And one I admittedly love singing along to; to the horror of my family and neighbors, because yeah… I’m no Amy Lee. 😛

Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore

This song is creepy. Disturbing love at its best in my opinion. But this video takes that creepy to pants-shitting levels of terrifying. Never mind that Billy Corgan looks like Nosferatu’s long lost cousin, never mind the weird shit going on in the background… This video is basically this poor camera-person’s struggle to get away from this creep and finding that no matter where they turn; there they fucking are! GAH!

Sick Puppies – Walking Away

I think the point of this song is, as Wifey and I constantly say; divorce is not an option.

“Look into my eyes and see… I could never let you leave…” Yup. That’s a nice tune to serenade your sweetheart with. XP

The Police – Every Breath You Take

I thought of adding this to the previous list, but I don’t see this song as one that can be mistaken for an innocent love song; even though it constantly is. To me this song is, and always has been, the universal soundtrack of people who stalk their ex. Be it on real life or Facebook; same difference you creepers. 😛

So that’s it for our February 2016 Stalkers’ Day Music list, but don’t fret, I’ll have another one out in June, because that’s Brazilian Stalkers Day (yeah, don’t ask, I don’t know why).

And if you’re not keen on Stalkers’ Day and you’d rather stick with traditional forms of loving… I guess that’s alright too. And to show there’s not hard feelings on my part (despite still planning to take over this date for Stalkers everywhere), I’ll actually put out a Valentine’s Day music list… Either later tonight or at some point tomorrow. Yeah, it’ll be late, but Stalkers’ Day comes first. 😛




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