Random Lists

Found some old notes with story snippets and stuff like that. Amongst those snippets were the following little lists:

RPs with scary names:

1 – High School never ends (I mean… WTF)

2 – The Haunting of a Fish (O.O)

3 – Colorless Color (colorblind nightmares)

4 – Anime Drama (emphasis on ‘drama’)

5 – Jericho’s Brain-Vomit (iw, vomit)

6 – STEREOTYPE FANTASY (if the title itself isn’t scary, the caps surely are)

Funny/Cool usernames:

1 – Bambi_The_Destroyer (Dragon’s Call)

2 – ssh_ima_ninja16 (RPG)

3 – Usernameisapain (Interpals)

4 – LALAshesang (RPG)

5 – FacePalmer (Dragon’s Call)

6 – ImNotMean (DC)

Favorite quotes from my friends:

1- “I looked in the mirror this morning and thought I looked so old… Turns out I was staring at a photo of my mom.”

2- “So, you’re like… Mentally constipated?” (following my complaint about ideas being stuck in my head)

3- “You use your brains to write? I really should try that!”


5- “He’s right behind the lady in the black dress.” *points at a woman dressed in RED*

6- “That’s a dead ghost!”

7- *pretending to play guitar* “Doing, doing, doing.”

8- “The brain is located in the thoracic cavity.” (with a very straight face)

9- “I tried to get drunk last weekend… Can’t remember if it worked.”

10- “Okay, I’ll just ignore you then.” (After being asked to act like a normal person)

These lists date back to 2011 and believe it or not all these lines were blurted out by perfectly sober people.



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