Character Interview 02: Crystal

Character Partner Interview.

1. Who is your partner? Tell us a bit about them.

Partner sounds so impersonal… Pfft…

Jacob Allen Turner is my partner. He’s currently a Black Knight of Newhaven, although he was previously a Wolf and a mercenary.

Jakey… He’s infuriating in so many ways, but I don’t know what I would do or who I would be without him. He’s my best friend, the person who knows me better than I know myself, the one I think to run to when the world becomes way too overwhelming to bear. And I love him.

2. How did you meet, and how did you get together?

I met Jake after my father brought him in. I was only twelve then, Jake was ten, needless to say we go way back.

I… Told Jakey that I loved him after we got back from nearly being exploded in the Newhaven castle. I’m not sure how much longer he would have stalled it if I hadn’t. In his defense though, I admit that I gave him a hard time throughout our entire friendship. And I still do sometimes; force of habit.

3. What is your partner’s best physical feature?

I like his face. It sounds like a weird way to phrase it, but… Yeah. Despite that stupid scratchy stubble. Jake has a very pleasant face, even more so when he smiles.

4. Name one hobby or passion of theirs.

Is getting in trouble a hobby? Because I’d have to say; that’s always been his number one activity.

5. Name one thing you like about their personality.

Jake would do absolutely anything for someone he loves without a second’s hesitation.

6. Name one thing you dislike about their personality.

Jake would do absolutely anything for someone he loves without a second’s hesitation and that terrifies me to my core.

7. What is something you absolutely love about them?

He is very protective. I don’t exactly approve of all the ways he acts on it, but it’s a great feeling to know that someone is 100% there for you, whether you like it or not, because they just love you so much.

8. What is something you absolutely cannot stand about them?

Love you, Jakey, but you need, NEED, to shave that stupid stubble. It feels so horrible. It drives me insane. And one day, Twins help me, I’m going to get a razor and do something stupid while you sleep.

9. Is your partner the romantic type? Do you want them to be?

I think romance is subjective, but I can say that I wouldn’t want Jakey to be anything that he isn’t already.

10. What makes them special to you personally?

Are all the reasons I’ve already given not enough for you person who wrote these questions?

Jakey makes me happy. He can be an asshole sometimes, he infuriates me often, but just the fact he exists makes my world so much better. I can’t imagine life without him. 

11. How much do you think your partner loves you?


12. Do you want to be with them for the rest of your life? Do you think you will be?


13. How are they in bed? Do you enjoy the sexual side of your relationship? Or do you not want to talk about it?

*giggles* Aaaw, I don’t think he’d like it if I answered that. He’d say it’s private and get all awkward.

Let me put it this way; we haven’t really had a night to ourselves in a very long time… but unless something drastically changes, I have no complaints whatsoever.

14. What is your partner’s family like? What do they think of you?

Ess and Darren are Jakey’s immediate family and… I love them both. Darren is a complete sweetie and Ess is like the big sister I never had. They are beautiful people; both of them.

And I don’t know what they think of me, I’m not a telepath after all, but we get along just great.


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