You say I’m a FREAK… I say I am FREE… Come take a shot at mee… I LOVE THE WAY YOU HATE MEEE…

Ehem… Sorry…

Yeah, that is literally what I’m listening to right now; Like a Storm – I Love The Way You Hate Me. Luckas and Jake’s theme song, in my opinion. I think on Lukey’s end that’s exactly how he feels about Jakey. He loves to piss him off and he loves just how much what he is gets under Jake’s skin. And one of the things I look forward to the most are these moments coming up when they have to join forces, mostly for Ess’ sake.

Because they bitch at each other THE ENTIRE TIME. It’s hilarious to write.

And I’m rambling about my characters again; that’s not what this post is about. lol

It’s 4:20-ish in the morning, I’m about to try and sleep, but I was just really excited listening to music tonight. And here’s the thing: I’m a horrible, horrible singer. I don’t raise my voice unless I know I’m alone in the apartment. However I do love singing. Yep. So I usually whisper the words to songs I’m listening to. And when I get really carried away I’ll do something my brothers refer to as ‘whisper-shouting’. I whisper so intensely that they can hear it EVERYWHERE in the apartment. It’s a small apartment. And I don’t realize I’m doing it usually. So my brother comes around my room sometimes like “You’re doing it again. Stop it.”

So that happened quite a bit tonight. And if I close my door it’s okay. They don’t hear it, but I haven’t been doing that because it’s too hot. I only shut my door now when everyone else has gone to sleep. So yeah. Whisper-shouting. I do that. Any of you guys ever done it?

Try it, it’s fun. 😛


P.S: Tell me I’m a freak… Tell me I’m a creep… Tell me I’m obscene… HATE MEE…


5 thoughts on “Whisper-Shouting

  1. Lol! I don’t even bother with the whisper… If I wanna sing I SING!!! I may look like a lunatic in my car, but I have fun! And my daughter is the same too, and is always singing,whether we want her to or not!!! With her the issue is that it is usually Justin Beiber she is singing…!

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