The WORST Freaking Word

There is one word in the English language that literally hurts my brain. And that word is envelope.

Do you know why? I’ll tell you why.

Because it’s spelled exactly the same as in Portuguese, but it’s pronounced ENTIRELY different! Do you know what does to my brain? I look at that word and that exact combination of letters shouldn’t produce the sound I’m trying to produce so I think ‘no, this is wrong’, but it isn’t! I keep trying to fix it, because it’s wrong, but it isn’t. It’s not wrong, it’s just that my Portuguese speaking brain is unable to associate the English speaking sound of ‘envelope’ with that particular spelling and it just makes me want to PUNCH EVERYTHING!

*takes deep breath*

I’m okay.

Bottom line: The word ‘envelope’ is evil and using it makes me want to cry and punch a baby.



One thought on “The WORST Freaking Word

  1. Lol!!!! Considering there are words in the English language itself that are spelt the same yet pronounced differently, I think you can imagine many peoples frustrations! Like read and read! (‘Reed’ a book and I ‘red’ it yesterday!)

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