Clayton And Lily – Flashforward

“How long is this going to take, mate? I have places to be.”

The guards sighed, shooting glances at one another as they patrolled the halls of the Newhaven dungeons. It must have been the fourth time in less than a month that they brought in the same prisoner. They were no strangers to the young man either; it hadn’t been his first ‘crime spree’ so to speak, and he either got off with a slap on the wrist or mysteriously disappeared from the prison overnight. It was no wonder he seemed so careless. The guy had not only demanded his ‘usual cell’, but had also asked for seconds when served his portion of porridge and stale bread for supper. He was more a nuisance than a criminal at any rate, but this time he seemed to have pissed off the wrong people and they had orders to not let him out of their sight until he was processed and convicted. The man seemed completely oblivious, or foolishly uncaring to the amount of shit he was in however.

Clayton sighed softly. His head was throbbing from the altercation with the guards earlier and in truth, he wasn’t as sure of himself as usual. Something was off with the job he’d taken, and he seemed to not have realized it until half the city guard was suddenly hunting him down as though he was a deranged serial killer of some description. All he’d done was meddle in a bar fight. However he’d been in prison overnight and had not even been informed of what the charges were exactly. Clayton snorted, idly scratching the back of his neck. It wasn’t a good time for him to be in this much trouble. Suddenly Clayton’s eyes widened as he realized something important was missing from his person.

“Oy, buddy! Where’s my pendant?”

“All personal effects are taken into storage, Clay. You know that.”

“No, no, no, no…” Clayton, muttered, standing from his makeshift cot and hugging the bars of the cell. “Not my phoenix. You’ve never taken it before… Where is it? I want it back!”

“I’m sorry, but we were ordered to not leave anything on you. Not even a belt buckle.”

Clayton frowned, looking down and realizing that his belt was indeed missing. “What in all creation…?” He muttered. “What charges am I facing exactly?”

“We don’t know. Just sit tight until one of the higher ups comes deal with you. And don’t try anything funny… We’re supposed use force if you do.”

Clayton sat back down, his attitude now slightly changed from his careless demeanor to a more contemplative one. “Pft… What unfortunate timing…” He snorted. Clayton knew Lily was out of town, it’d be a couple of more days before she got back and, based on what he was hearing, there was a chance he’d be buried in the lowest levels of the prison in that time. “Oy, buddie!” He called to the guard. “Would you be so kind as to send a message for me? For old times sake?” He smirked.


“What in the name of the Twins has happened to your face, Clayton!?”

Clay opened one eye to glance up at the cell door, before sitting up. “Well, you took your sweet time.” He chuckled. “I guess your boys weren’t joking about using force if I tried anything funny, but… it’s just a little bruise in my eye… And some other places on my body… I’ll live.”

“Moron. You tried to break out? Do you have any idea what kind of a mess you’ve gotten yourself into?”

“No, Lil… No one will tell me why I’m being held here this long over a bar fight.”

Lily let out an exasperated sigh and entered the cell, closing the door behind her and leaning against the bars. “You’re not being held over a bar fight. You’re being charged with pretty much everything from indecent exposure to attempted murder.”

“Hey there was no indecent exposure!” Clayton protested. “And there was definitely no attempted murder!”

“How about… Armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon…”

“I wasn’t armed, a chair leg is hardly a deadly weapon…” Clayton muttered. “And I didn’t steal anything this time.”

“But you did attack the guy?”

“It wasn’t like that, Lil… Why are you interrogating me?”

Lily snorted, glaring at the two guards outside the cell so that they’d leave. “The guy you beat up and allegedly robbed, Clay, his father is the Captain of the White Guard. The guy is known for being a liar and a prick, but his word is still worth tons more than yours. Or mine. And he says you attacked him from behind and stole everything in his possession short of his trousers.”

“I didn’t rob the guy, or mean to rob the guy. There was…” Clayton trailed off, looking down at his bare feet and mumbling something barely audible.

Whatever he mumbled caught Lily’s ears and she frowned at him. “Why am I not surprised… You so do love your damsels in distress.”

“It was a job; so I thought. She told me she performed a ‘service’ for the man and he refused to pay, threatened to throw her in the dungeons. You know I don’t tolerate abuse of power very well… Things got a bit heated.” Clayton mumbled. “But I didn’t rob the guy.”

“Ugh… Clay… She bulshitted you. You do realize that now, don’t you? She probably had a partner who robbed the guy after you knocked him down and since you drew attention to yourself they managed to pin the whole thing on you.” Lily scolded. “For such a smart-ass you become incredibly stupid when there’s a pretty face involved. What am I going to do with you? Such a hassle.”

“You don’t seem to mind my stupidity so much when it’s directed at you.” Clayton quipped, a smirk forming itself upon his face. “If I didn’t know any better I’d think you’re a tiny bit jealous, there.”

“Pft…” Lily scoffed. “I don’t think you’re really in a position to flatter yourself like that Clayton.”

“Aw, not even a little bit?” Clayton chuckled.

Lily shook her head, very clearly hiding a smirk. “I have to find that ‘pretty face’ of yours, so maybe you could describe her for me? From the neck up is more helpful.”

“She had short light brown hair, average build, about your height, a nice set of…” He coughed, catching Lily’s glare and immediately changing what he was about to say… “Eyes… They were hazel; slightly golden, and she had a scar under her chin. Looked similar in shape to that cut I got when you threw a rock at my face.” Clayton looked up at Lily and tilted his head to the side as he watched her expression. “What are you going to do, Lil?”

“Well, I’m going to make your ‘pretty face’ confess to pushing you into that fight. Then I’m going to have her give me the name of her partner… THEN… I’m going to make that overdressed prick drop those false charges he piled on you before I lose my patience and dent his delicate little face.”

“In other words… You’re going to get in trouble with the Whites. Again. I’d rather you not do that on my account. They’re gonna throw your ass in a cell too one day.”

Lily snickered. “I reckon they might try, but trying and succeeding are two very different things.”

Clayton, for once, didn’t seem amused. “I mean it.”

“Don’t worry your pretty little head, Clay.” Lily smiled, reaching out and ruffling her friend’s hair as though he were a small child. “I got your back. And if it comes down to it, I know you’ve got mine. No?” She asked, not waiting for him to answer and glancing around to make sure the guards had stayed away. She then pulled something from her pocket and dropped it onto the cot beside him. “And no more daring escapes. You let me handle this. After all I’m the only one allowed to kick your ass.”

Clayton snorted a laugh. “You’re absolutely right. That was inconsiderate of me and I promise to never do it again.”

“Good.” She smirked, leaving the cell and locking it tight. The guards resuming their rounds as soon as she was out of sight.

Clayton shook his head, still amused, as he picked up the phoenix pendant Lily had dropped on the cot. He wasn’t the best at being patient; Lily knew that well, but just this once he was going to put in an effort and just let her handle it. Twins only know what might happen if he dared get his ass kicked again.


Clayton and Lily are kid NPCs in SOF. Wifey and I ‘share custody’ of them and they are… just… The cutest wittle things ever.

In fact you guy’s may remember Lily from a few posts I made a while back with her and Luckas. Here’s one of them. Here’s another.

Wifey and I constantly talk about what the kids are gonna be when they grow up and about writing a spin-off with them grown up later on. Which got stuck in my head and led me to write this one day. We always say that Clayton is going to be a thief by trade while Lily is going to follow a path in the Black Guard and eventually become the Black Knight Captain in Newhaven. And so whenever Clayton gets himself in trouble it’d be up to Lily to go and save his butt.

In the RP they’re 5-6 years old, in this scene, I imagine they’re around 19-20. Lily’s not a Knight yet and is still very likely to ‘get her ass thrown in jail’ over something like this.

In the ‘present day’ they already have this very apparent little crush thing going on, where they are constantly fighting and harassing one another, but at the same time ALWAYS together. So in my head that’ll translate to a ‘not gonna admit I like you’ kinda thing over time, on both sides, but more on Lily’s. I think Clayton’s gonna be the first to realize he’s not entirely kidding about some things. >.>

Anyway, just something casual I wrote and thought I’d share with you guys. 🙂



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