Stonewall Religion: The Child Gods

Hey guys! I’m still working on my religion and world building as I go, but I’ve had this myth written out for a while that is the basis for the Old Religion. The Old Religion worships the seven Child Gods born from the God King and his mortal Bride. And, you can read it for yourselves otherwise it’s kinda pointless. 😛


For millennia, the King of Gods watched over the Universe, its life forms and its creations, from the outside; from a distance. His very presence could not exist within the confines of a mortal Universe without bringing forth its collapse and eventually its complete annihilation.

Even Gods have their weaknesses however; the King of Gods was far from the exception, for one day a child was born into that Universe; a mortal girl that came to be known as Odara.

Odara was different from others of her kind, and it was noticeable from a very young age. As He watched her grow into adulthood the King of Gods was all but completely taken by every aspect of her being. The young mortal was beautiful, generous, kind, and yet stronger than anything the God himself had ever hoped to envision. The entirety of His creation seemed to Him as unworthy of her presence.

The God King’s infatuation with the young mortal grew throughout the years of her life. It gained such force that it inevitably became impossible for the Creator to accept being separated from the object of his affection; even if by the confines of the Universe He himself had created. One fateful day, He crossed the borders that kept Him from the mortal realm in order to go to her.

Once the Universe inevitably began to collapse, the God King realized the magnitude of his error as every living being created within a mortal universe is immediately soul bound to it, including his beloved. Once the universe was no more, she too would fade out of existence. In hopes to prevent this, the God King created a tear in the fabric of space and time, a vacuum in between all forms of existence, mortal or immortal: a non-universe, a realm of inexistence.

Trapping Odara in this ‘in between’ place, not only saved her from her predicament, but also caused her life span to prolong for thousands of years beyond that of a mortal soul, as long as she never left that place of nothingness.

The King of Gods, in hopes to make this imprisonment more tolerable for the young woman, created windows for her; to every point in time and every known Universe so that she could observe all of Creation.

Odara was, even though a prisoner, absolutely content with her newfound ‘place’ in the Universe. Such was her happiness that, over time, the emptiness slowly gave way to unmeasurable beauty under her influence. This puzzled and delighted the God King as his beloved shaped the emptiness to her soul’s own image, thus creating a Paradise.

For centuries the King and his Beloved lived peacefully in this newfound Haven.  From their union Children were born, each with their own peculiar skills and magic, and it was with the use of those skills that our known universe was molded into its final shape.


Odara’s extended life reached its end at the birth of her 7th child. The young God was blamed by the God King for taking away the life of his Mother and shunned by most of his older siblings for carrying the touch of Death. While his siblings were sent to help give life to the New World, young Sephtis was left behind to watch the paradise his mother had created deteriorate with her absence. Within the span of a thousand years, Sephtis was alone with the God King; his Father’s indifference and the emptiness slowly filling the young God’s soul with resentment. Over time Sephtis discovered he too could shape this dimension to reflect his soul; that he could feed off the dark and the emptiness, and it made him stronger. As the resentment and anger grew in Sephtis’ heart, so did the emptiness, and the more powerful He became.

Then a day came when the Youngest Child God rebelled against the King. It took Sephtis nearly all his power to do what was thought impossible; extinguish the life of a God. In His dying moments, the God King sealed every window and every door, trapping his Son and the consuming darkness he’d created. When the remainder of the Child Gods returned, they found themselves orphaned and homeless. Having nowhere else to go, they returned to the mortal realm.

Sephtis remained trapped in his darkness, alone with the dead King for ages and ages, harnessing his power and waiting for his chance of freedom. He knew that even though the doors had closed forever he could slowly chip away at the walls of his prison. He knew, as did his siblings, that he would not be locked away forever.


Sephtis is the God of darkness, chaos, and death. I think he is the closest to a Devil you can get in Stonewall, despite the fact I personally kind of get why he was so pissed. A thousand years locked up with a fucker that hates you is too much a punishment for being born in my opinion, but oh well… Gods are a-holes.

There is an extension to the this Myth that tells that, even though he could not escape, Sephtis found a way to influence mortal minds through Ephyra (the goddess of Psyche) thus corrupting humanity with darkness.

I’m still writing out all the information on the seven Child Gods and I don’t know if the myths themselves will be in the book, or if I’m writing them simply for my own reference, but… It’s the first time I create a religion all by myself (as mentioned before, Doomed did most of that for Valcrest), and I’m actually enjoying the process quite a bit so I thought I’d share some of it with you all. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend.



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