Stupid Things I’ve Been Told (About Writing)

1) You’re not a real writer if you’re not published.

No. You’re not published if you’re not published.

2) So you’re an aspiring writer?

From the moment I’ve written things, it’s no longer an aspiration. So; no. I’m a writer. Just writer. Why is that so difficult?

3) Everyone’s a writer nowadays, why don’t you try doing something else?

I have a feeling doctors never have to hear this kind of crap thinking.

4) *hearing what my book is about* Oh, sort of like Lord of The Rings?

No. No. NOTHING like Lord of The Rings. Medieval fantasy does not equal LoTR!

5) Fiction writing’s not much of a career. You should go into journalism.

First and foremost: fiction writing is a way of life. Second: NO. No I shouldn’t.

6) You should write comedy; it’s easier. And you’re so funny!

Having a silly personality is not the same as being a comedian. Besides, writing comedy is one of the most difficult things in the writing universe in my opinion. Much respect to comedy writers. I am not one. >.>

7) No one ever gets rich writing this stuff.

Several people have gotten rich writing ‘this stuff’. Yes I know it’s difficult. No, I don’t think it’ll happen to me. But it’s not why I’m doing it either.

8) Medieval fantasy is outdated.

Your mom is outdated! >.<

9) You can’t sell books without sex.

Sure. My favorite thing about Harry Potter was all the steamy underage wizard sex. -.-

10) There are no black/gay/trans/etc characters in your book! DISCRIMINATION!

Look, I’m writing a fictional tale about an assassin and a Noble Warrior trying not to get murdered by a resurrected psychopath, and that’s difficult enough without trying to please everyone and/or make a statement. I love all human beings equally… But they can’t ALL be in my book! >.<

Besides, I don’t know for sure whether my characters are gay or straight until they fall for someone. And I’m not pairing EVERYONE just to figure it out either.

11) Your main character is female, blonde, and has blue eyes: therefore Mary-Sue!

I’m clearly paraphrasing here, but… This was literally the most hilarious assessment I’ve received from someone who’s read nothing of my story. They’re misguided, but I can’t really get mad at this. lol



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