Changing of The Seasons…

Me in the Summer: Ugh, fuck this heat. I can’t stand it. Not going out til Fall.

Me in the Fall: Ugh, fuck this rain. Not going out til I see the sun again. >.>

Me in the Winter: Ugh, so fucking cold. Not getting out of bed til Spring.

Me in the Spring: Meh, can’t stop sneezing. Not going out again til it’s OVER.

In all seriousness, Wifey lives in Connecticut, and Doomed in Canada. They laugh at me when winter time hits and I bitch about being cold. I tell Wifey it’s like 10ºC and she’s like “Oh that’s tank top weather”. You know, that’s fair I think. Because I genuinely think it’s amusing as hell that when they’re bitching about never ending snow it’s like 40ºC over here; it almost makes the heat less unbearable.

Despite all my reasons to bitch all year round… I sleep SO MUCH BETTER in the Fall than any time of year. Because it’s almost just as cold as winter and not as fucking humid as winter (despite it raining more; go figure). And my room is ridiculously moist humid in the winter no matter what I try. So lately I’ve been feeling more like a human being than usual due to sleep. And I’ve actually been more productive writing-wise. So that’s great. I”m happy about it and I thought I’d share. 😛

Still, god damn it, so cold. Don’t laugh. >.>



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