Blog Update! Yay!

Okay, guys, that was a lame comeback post. I’ll admit. I just wanted to write some Luckas banter here, though. It makes me laugh and recently I need it.

No, there’s nothing particularly wrong, I’m just a bit stressed with my family, and job hunting, and money problems… The usual stuff.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I want to go back to doing reviews. I’m currently rereading all the My Immortal posts I did, and will do the same with Christian Potter, so I can finish those and give my (very obvious) answer as to which I think it the worst Harry Potter fic ever written.

I’m still planning on doing my Disney reviews, although I might put those on hold for a bit longer because my time and disposition for watching feature-length films right now are limited. I also want to talk a bit more about Valcrest and the Shadows series beyond just my aspirations for rewriting the story. I have a post planned for that as well; coming soon.

There are more writing advice posts I’d like to write and some opinions I want to give about character creation and development. Because; you know what, a lot of things I greatly dislike could be fixed with better character development. Yes, even Twilight.

Especially Twilight.

I want to talk about tropes, stereotypes, and Flanderization, and most of all I want to talk; again, about character diversity being pushed on writers because that’s something I’m often poked about. I want to talk about what I consider lazy horror and lazy comedy writing. There are a great many posts I want to make. Just not enough time and energy.

I’ll try to gather the time, though, because the last thing I want is for this blog to die out.

So I’m gonna go rot my brain a little with Potter fics and I’ll be back laters.



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