Blinding Light

Sun was always stunning ever since he was a young child. Before he even existed to the eyes of Valcrest. Mother and Father knew from the very beginning that their eldest child was special, even amongst Gods. His mere presence lifted the spirits of those around him, whether they be mortal or immortal. His light engulfed everything and everyone around him, obfuscating all others. It was the youth’s indifference to all the love and adoration, however; his humility, that made Sun special to the eyes of his parents. Sun knew that he was special, yet he was never uncaring, never unkind, and never arrogant. Sun was beautiful because he was pure, untainted by external influences. He had the power to affect those around him, but in turn nothing in the whole of existence seemed to ever be able to touch him.

Concealed by the young God’s splendorous light was his sister Moon. The young Goddess, having been born shadowed by her brother’s charisma, grew up an introspective child. While deeply cared for by Mother and Father, she was not the object of the same level of attention as her brother. Yet, Moon never envied or resented Sun. The young Goddess knew well that she was nothing like her Twin; she was much darker, far more silent, positively colder… And those were not traits considered beautiful to the eyes of either Gods or men. It mattered little to her. Moon was content with her shadows, she had no need for light, or warmth, even less adulation.

She didn’t want to be seen.

It was in the early centuries of their lives, while still in the safety of their Divine home, that Moon’s introspective nature, her years of silent observation, finally allowed her to see, truly see, what was underneath her brother’s light. How fragile his smile truly was, how sadness lingered; like a shadow, in the depths of those golden eyes. Sun was beautiful, he was warm, he was radiant, but her brother; she realized, was utterly and painfully alone. He shone too bright even for the eyes of Gods, burned too hot for even immortals to endure. And, unlike Herself, Sun wanted to be seen. He wanted to experience light and warmth the same way others could, and the impossibility of that desire being met chipped away at the young God’s heart. Moon could almost see it breaking before her eyes. Shattering under the overwhelming weight of isolation.

No one else would ever know. Because no one else could see.

In those times, the Twins rarely found themselves alone, either under the watchful eyes of Mother and Father or surrounded by rowdy younger siblings, but sometimes; in rare moments, Sun and Moon could talk in private. They could speak of things they would never dare admit to anyone, but each other. It was in one of those rare moments that, for the first time in both their lives, Moon had seen Sun shed a tear. It was golden and, much like everything else in her brother, it was radiant and burned against her pale skin. It burned, but it didn’t hurt. It radiated light, but it didn’t sting her silvery eyes. That was their secret, their silent understanding, a wordless promise.

Underneath the Sun’s blinding light there was a small, lingering, shadow. One that only the Moon would ever see.


Well, I wrote a random. =P

I don’t exactly know why, but when I think of the Twins (the Gods of Valcrest mythology), I always imagine that Sun and Moon were like the Godly version of those weird twins that make up their own language and never play with the other children. And I felt like putting a bit of a twist on the notion that Moon was sad, which… I’m not sure how it started, but it’s an idea I’ve had firmly in my head for a long time. There’s something I wrote, and at this point I’m not at all sure whether it was ever posted, saying that the stars represent all the tears Moon has cried. I kind of like the idea of describing what Sun’s tears would look like. ^^”



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