That Realization…

Have you guys ever had that moment when you stop and think “there’s nothing I can do others can’t do better”?

I think that all the time. I mean, my ideas are mine, my characters are mine, and no one can write them like I do, but… Better? Probably.

I think of myself as a considerably safe writer. I don’t think I’m ever gonna write that thing no one’s ever seen anywhere before. At most I’m gonna write a popular thing internet reviewers will point out looks exactly like a dozen other less or equally popular things. Like they do with Hunger Games. I haven’t read Hunger Games, but I know that it’s practically Battle Royale. I haven’t read Battle Royale, so I’mma just take their word for it until I do. 😛

I don’t think that’s a bad thing in itself. Sparkly vampires were something no one had seen before and well, a lot of us are still wishing they hadn’t.

And it’s not that I feel I couldn’t write something completely fantastical. It’s just that I want to write this story. This story isn’t all that unique if you think about it. Orphaned protagonist going down a bit of a dark path, slightly idealistic knight in shining armor, they originally clash, but then they have to work to gether because the villain wants to get them both… I don’t think I need to continue, do I? Almost every fantasy story is just ‘something’ with a twist. And the ones that aren’t, well… They gonna end up getting ‘twisted’ themselves somewhere down the line. It’s the natural order of things, I suppose.

Eh… I dunno where I was going with this, really. Just a random thought, I guess. I like to think all writers contemplate their own relevance just about as much as all living humans contemplate their own mortality. =P



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