The Ghostbusters Sexism Bullshit

I recently became aware that AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd, aka James Rolfe) has been getting a lot of crap and hate, and being called a sexist on social media because he doesn’t want to see the new Ghostbusters movie. Because… All female cast.

Here’s the video in question:

Uh… At no point does he say the female cast is the reason he doesn’t want to see it. The only thing he says is that because they gave it the exact same title of the original people have been calling it the “Female Ghostbusters”. He wasn’t calling it that, he was just saying that it’s been called that.

I was a bit pissed off by this. As a female and as someone who loves the original movie and doesn’t want to see this piece of shit either. I mean… WOW. All you angry feminists giving this so much importance on Twitter and FB and shit; have you watched Ghostbusters? Have you seen the trailers for this trainwreck? It’s fucking atrocious.

You wanna talk sexism? Let’s talk about the fact this movie cast hot as all hell Chris Hemsworth (motherfucking Thor!) as the new Ghostbusters’ secretary in a role of pretty much a good looking dumb guy. I’m not just saying that, don’t take my word for it:

All you people out there old enough to remember the original Ghostbusters, you know, the one with the dudes and the female secretary; Janine. Was that character ever objectified? Was she overly sexualized? Was she dumb? Let me spare you all the trouble of googling that shit if you’re too young to know the answer; NO.

She was an awesome female character. She was funny, full of personality, she and Venkman had some hilarious scenes together… I loved Janine.She was incredible.

Seriously guys. As a woman, it offends me that some people out there assume that just putting women in the lead roles of a film automatically advocates gender equality. Janine was a great female character. She wasn’t one of the main characters, but she was a strong intelligent competent professional. The four main ladies in this movie, for what I’ve seen of the trailers, are shallow, obnoxious, and sorry, but… STUPID.

It’s not about genderbending characters. Because it can be done well. Look at Joan Watson from Elementary. Lucy Liu is officially my favorite television Watson; I’ve said so before. I thought that gender swap was bold as hell and I was pleasantly surprised with how amazing that character was written. And that was a rewrite of an existing, and very well-known, character. The people who did this remake (or reboot, whatever you wanna call this shit), had no such pressure. These are brand new characters. They could have written them amazingly and then maybe I’d be inclined to give this a chance despite the stupid effects and what they did to Thor’s character… But no. I don’t like these Ghostbusters. I don’t want to watch a full feature length version of the obnoxious half-comedy displayed in that trailer. Just NO.

This is not a Ghosbuster movie. This is a poorly done parody of a Ghostbusters movie. And I’m sorry, because I love Melissa McCarthy. I’ve loved her since Gilmore Girls (yeah, I watched that. >.>), but she should not be in this movie. None of these characters should be in this movie. This movie should not be a thing that exists.

The only thing this movie deserves is the ‘Batman & Robin treatment’. You know, so us fans can just pretend it doesn’t exist and never talk about it again if we can help it.

Yes, my impression of this movie is that it’s an offense just as great as the movie that gave us Bat-Nipples.

I don’t want to watch it either. I must be a fucking mysoginist them. =.=



2 thoughts on “The Ghostbusters Sexism Bullshit

  1. you are so right!
    As an “old fashioned” feminist I feel offended by such trash as “Ghostbusters” reboot. The script … (was there a script?) alone – this author should be burned at the stake or stoned for blasphemy – male or female -no excuse.
    This is a parody of strong women and it serves all cliche, that macho macho men have against strong women. Have this mislead so called liberals thought about that? It is ridiculing feminism.
    The actresses (good ones, normally) should have revolted against this travesty. And Thor … almighty – this is as evil as you said in your post.
    Where has humor gone – “First wives club” seems so long ago …
    Leftist-greenish dogma: Women have to wear headscarf or burka out of solidarity with muslimas – quote of senile State President van der Bellen of Austria -imagine that!
    This is modern feminism! Instead of freeing girls from wearing a textile prison, because men regard them as a piece of meat. Perverted and obscene: Child marriage (sex slavery of minors) is cultural enrichment, not a crime. The main problem with all this: People will return to very conservative views, because of a few deranged individuals, which have come into a position to influence media – and finally all that has been achieved will be lost.

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    • This was a lovely rant of a comment. And ugh… The Ghostbusters thing feels like such a lifetime ago now. It’s horrible to think how much worse this stuff has gotten since.

      Thank you for reading. 🙂


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