MLP: FiM Reviews

This post is a heads up. The next thing I’m going to do is finish my fan fic commentary series, both of them, but after that, I’m going to get into reviewing a few specific episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Look, I’m an adult. I think. For the most part. I understand why a lot of adults think this show is stupid. In fact, this show was one of a few things in my life that I fell in love with after explicitly saying I saw no point in it. Like Minecraft. I have MSN logs of myself telling Wifey that Minecraft was the most boring thing in existence. And it probably is, but I still loved it the moment I first played it. Same with MLP. It’s girly and silly and there’s no point in it if you think about it, but I loved it the moment I first watched it.

And to be objective, there are many things in this children’s cartoon that fascinate me as a writer. I want to talk about those things. This is where I can do that. Tough luck for you guys. I’m going to end the horrible Potter fiction and move on to ponies. Aren’t I just great?

Don’t answer that.



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