That Moment When…

You realize you’re not the only one who cries at that emotional scene. >.>

I’m writing this MLP related blog post with my characters. And it’s taking me longer than I wanted due to my insistence in adding images and YouTube clips to it. Some of them have been annoying to find and have taken away from my writing time… but I digress.

While working on said post I came across this YT channel in which this guy reacts to watching MLP episodes for the first time. And I thought “well, this could be funny”, so I watched a few random episodes. And… In this one episode that I intend to review in the future, so won’t go into it right now, this guy… Cried like a baby. He sobbed for full minutes. And I was really, really, happy to see that. Because I always cry watching that episode and now I don’t feel like it’s just me being a sap. That episode does hit right in the feels.

Any moment in a story where you’ve been following this character for a while, watching them work so hard for something they want, thinking they might never get it… and then they do. It’s an emotional moment. And the execution in that one MLP episode was fantastic.

That’s one of the reasons I love this show so much. I have so much respect for these writers and how much depth they’ve put into this children’s cartoon. It’s not in every single episode, but in most of them… It’s just impeccable writing and amazing character development. I honestly admire these people and I hope that some things I have to write and rewrite in the future have that level of emotional depth.

Yes, I’m jealous of MLP’s writing. I admit it. >.>



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