The Shadows Crew (Anime Style :P)

I found this little thing called Mega Anime Avatar Creator. I got carried away with it, just a bit, and used it to make all my characters and then some.

So you got my main guys here (mouse over for names and/or click to enlarge): 

And then my favorite NPCs (minus Amber, because… She changes faces more than she changes her underwear):


Also, Wifey asked me to make Ess, so I also made Darren because why not.

Obviously, these are far from perfect, but… I had fun making them. I even went through the trouble of using FotoFlexer to add some details to eye color and sharpen the images a bit. For characters like Nicky who doesn’t actually have a character sheet, it’s actually a nice reference. Indrani also turned out pretty great. Darren is my favorite, though. He looks kinda… shocked… I don’t know why, lol.



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