And Now Here’s An Update (personal and blog-related)

Hey, guys.

I haven’t told you how I’ve been lately and I’m sure you’re all just dying to know about my life. It’s oh so important to you, right? 😛

Welp… I’ve had a few good days this past week, to be honest. I’m getting into playing guitar at least a little bit every day again. Wednesday, I think it was, I called Wifey on Skype and played some for her. I suck, but she likes it, so it makes me happy. I’m not aiming for pro status here after all. We also played some Uno online, which… Was ridiculously fun. I’d honestly forgotten how fun that game is. So that got my mind off of things for a couple of days. Which was something I recommend; just allow yourself some fun even if you think you shouldn’t. >.>

And how am I really? Eeeeh…

The situation here in Brazil is a bit messed up; job-wise, for everyone. Whilst before I wasn’t getting a lot of freelance work, now I’m getting nothing. I’ve got writing commissions open on deviant art, but it’s not amounting to much either… and I’ve had it pointed out to me that it’s because I’m not putting myself out there enough.

I reckon that’s true, but sounding desperate wouldn’t seem so bad to me if it wasn’t THIS true. I could laugh it off if it wasn’t such a genuine concern. I’m stupid proud sometimes when I shouldn’t be. It’s a character flaw I need to lose. And fast.

A friend; and reader, advised me to try putting up a Patreon, but I just can’t bring myself to do that. I feel I just don’t have enough to offer to justify people giving me their money. I haven’t been that active either here or on da, to justify asking for patronage, really. Nor do I have any projects in need of funding that might justify that request. I’m aware of how people use crowdfunding sites to leech on others, and frankly I hate that, and I feel I’d be doing that if anyone were to even want to patronize me.

What I really want is work. Heck, I’m an adult; believe it or not. I have a functional creative mind, I’m a good translator if not a certified one. I can do work when it’s given to me. I’ve gotten by considerably well doing it too. >.>

I had some offers and a few actually sounded promising, but none of them actually ended up working out. One project I was particularly excited about ended up going to another writer. They were, admittedly, pretty good, so I won’t complain about it. If it was my project I’d want the best writer I could get to work with. Still… I wanted in on that, damn it. I suppose I just gotta stick with it enough to find someone crazy enough to have me.

And if you’re thinking “why won’t you just get a menial job answering phones or waiting tables or something?”, well… NO ONE is hiring. Brazil is economically fucked. Don’t think I haven’t considered it, I’m not lazy. Plus, no one in their right mind would hire me to talk on the phone, I’m a socially awkward mess, remember? >.>

As for the blog…

I have A LOT of unfinished drafts to get through. I’ve been so insanely stressed with life lately (still am, as you can see) that I couldn’t really go through to the end of any post I started this past month.

And I think I’m going to finish a few of those before I start reviewing MLP and continue with my Disney Revisited reviews.

I also want to write more about the Shadows series and our plans for it once SOF is completed. Not into great lengths, but just to show that; yes, I mean it when I say I want this to happen. I’ll make it happen.

More writing posts. Because I have things to say.

Posting more writing…. I need to write more lest thing begin to rust in there.

More fun with the voices… Y’know, the good stuff. 😛

So I’m going to try, again, to get into some sort of schedule/rhythm/whatever works, so I don’t leave this place empty for as long as I have lately. I’m aware that I have, I’ve just been lacking the energy to do something about it. Whether I actually make it happen this time or not. I swear, guys, I’m trying. =.=




One thought on “And Now Here’s An Update (personal and blog-related)

  1. Wow you sound just like me lol…and so I’ll pull an Alice and “give myself some very good advice…”

    Stop beating yourself up ffs.

    Lol srsly tho it’s counterproductive if momentum your goal.

    And ppl will sense your hesitancy…I’ve been over looked many times for not believing in my own work. You may think you play it cool when you talk to potentials but it comes off in subtleties and these vibes make clients nervous. This job is important to them too after all right? So they often go with the one that makes them feel cozy.

    Don’t feel bad about self promotion either silly. Yes you’re an artist but if you wanna eat you’re also a business owner (yourselfinc lol) and a salesman. It’s a thing now…look at etsy. :p

    I get it tho I hated it too. So I came up with my own way of doing things that didn’t make me feel like my soul was dying. You don’t have to be flashy, just diligent.It isn’t for the weak of heart you gotta want it. Bad.

    Clients are looking for writers but if you don’t think you’re worthy why would they? It’s like they’re saying “Are you a writer?” And you answer “…sorta? If you say I am sir I’ll believe you!” Is a writing job what makes a writer or…? I mean you’re pursuing this path so you must think you’re at least a little “worthy” right? It’s ok to like yourself a little. (Said the hypocrite lol) it’s true tho. 😉

    I’m sorry I got all preachy and oh so lengthy. I just know your feels. Xo

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