Cruelty and Insanity

There was no rhyme, reason, or any sort of justification to how she worked. You’d want to assume that there would be; that her volatile nature was an act with some sort of hidden meaning or purpose behind it. It wasn’t. She was simply a force of nature, moved by instinct and willpower alone. There was no controlling her and there was no denying her.

Heart was an untamable beast in the shape of a Goddess and, quite frankly, most of our siblings were terrified of her.

Not that she would harm them, no. Heart was one of the most sympathetic deities to ever grace the Immortal Realm. She was beautiful beyond anything else the Universe could have conjured up in its entire existence; on the inside and out. That was precisely the problem, though. She was too beautiful, too involving, and too wild. Heart had been born to shape the souls of mortals, bend them to her will, but her will was… Confusing, reckless, chaotic one might say. One would hope immortal souls to be unaffected, but they soon discovered that wasn’t quite the case. Not even I had been entirely unaffected if I’m to be fully honest, and it was one of my many responsibilities to keep my Twin sister under control.

Heart’s influence on the mortal soul was naught but a reflexion of her own being, creative and destructive, loving and spiteful, uplifting and devastating all at the same time, and where she was capable of great acts of love as well as great acts of spite, thus became every mortal soul under her influence. For a time, Mother and Father wondered whether her gift would doom mankind entirely, as Heart’s influence upon humanity was too strong to allow any semblance of reason. When time came for my gift to be bestowed upon mortals, my influence was clearly not enough to rein in Heart’s power. Even so, I pleaded that Mother and Father not interfere. I claimed that if I couldn’t control my Twin, I would find a way to get through to her instead.

Famous last words, I know, but I was confident she could be reasoned with. Anyone could.

Even Fire’s wild passion, even Air’s free-spirited nature, even War himself, with all his wrath, could be made to see logic where it was irrefutable. I believed that Heart was no different. I would even go as far as say I had faith, and that in itself should have been enough to clue me in on how much even I had been affected. There is nothing logical in faith. Faith was a foolish notion and I knew as much.

There is no greater failure for a rational being than ignoring what is right in front of their eyes. I should have known it could never be that simple. I should have anticipated the unrelenting storm I would create. Opposing my sister was the equivalent of trying to talk a volcano into submission. By Fire’s own admission, it was a foolish endeavor. However, I was young and foolishly stubborn. I take comfort in the knowledge that I’ve learned; we both have.

In those early years, however, while I fought for control and my sister for dominance, an imbalance was created and so deeply intertwined into the essence of humanity that we could do nothing to correct it, no matter how hard we tried. That imbalance caused some humans to become twisted. While some simply lacked a single shred of compassion within their beings, others became completely and utterly insane over time with no explanation I could find.

It became clear to us both that we had, in more ways than one, brought the very concept of evil into Valcrest. We had instilled it within the depths of every human soul. It was like a taint not even Mother and Father themselves could ever truly cleanse; an everlasting reminder of how much Heart and I truly needed one another.

The human soul was nothing but a reflexion of our beings after all, and a soul ruled purely on rationality is prone to cruelty, whilst a soul purely ruled by its emotions is prone to insanity.

Mother and Father’s response to this was that the most important lessons in existence cannot be learned without a cost, and that is true for us as much as it is for the mortals we have so selfishly warped with our pointless quarrels. I was sure humanity was doomed to fail, but Heart seemed to believe otherwise. “Nature has a way to set itself straight, brother,” she claimed. I am skeptical of her reasoning, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from all of this, is that some things are irrevocably out of our hands.


So, I read this one-word prompt and… This happened. ^.-

It might not even have anything to do with the word given; aimless, but it’s what came of it.

I’m gonna be honest, it never crossed my mind to ever write anything from the point of view of a Twin, but I started writing about Heart and it seemed like this would be what Mind would see her as. So I just went with it. And… This is how the human soul was tainted by evil… I guess? I wrote this on an impulse, without much thinking so, don’t take it too much as cannon.

*mumbles* The hell just happened, really, I don’t even…



3 thoughts on “Cruelty and Insanity

  1. Love this!! In such a short piece I feel like I’ve read a book, understanding all the major players, the conflict, resolution, secondary players. You’re a great writer! To think all this just popped into your

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