Ponies Vs. Valcrest (And Maybe a Little Disney)

Alright guys, uhm, I’m going through a bit of a something. I don’t want to get into it; I’ll talk about it later if I have to, just know that it’s personal and it’s the main reason I’ve been so caught up in My Little Pony as of late. I mean don’t get me wrong; I’ve always loved that cartoon, but right about now… I wasn’t lying when I said I need that smile song.

That show has a way of taking my mind off of things that other; less childish, things just don’t. So bear with me for a bit.

That said, another thing that is equally effective is the RP and since right now is not my turn to post I’m going to alternate my blog posts between MLP reviews and Valcrest related posts. I’ve been meaning to write out some explanations to the world, factions, magic and how it works, things like that, for a while now. I figure might as well do it now.

I know I said that I would continue the Disney Revisited, and I’ll try to get one of those in every now and then too. Next movie should be Dumbo (it was Fantasia, but I decided to skip it for now), and I’ll see when I can get the time to stop and watch it.

And the MLP reviews… I know I go on and on about that show, more than usual lately, but I do intend to make these reviews serious. I won’t review EVERY episode, though, I’ll be doing the seasons in order, starting with the season opener, notable episodes that season (good and bad), then a season finale. And when I say ‘notable’, I mean from a writing standpoint, not based on my personal enjoyment. Because to be honest, there are rare episodes in that show I don’t enjoy in some way (still, they do exist), but as a writer, certain things are either atrocious or outstanding to me and I plan to focus on that.

It’s not something I just now decided to do either, I’ve thought about it back when I started watching the show, but I didn’t go through with it, because honestly everyone reviews MLP, on deviant art, on YouTube, maybe even here on WP; I haven’t checked, but I might, so it felt redundant. However, I still have it in my mind to do it after all this time and I just finished the Horrible Potter commentaries, so might as well. *shrug*

I did a pony related thing last post (granted there was a bit of Valcrest in the mix, but not enough), so next one up is a Valcrest themed post. Time to go into what the factions are with a bit of depth, starting with the White Shadows. Shall be fun. You’ll see.


See, Annie is excited. 😛



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