I’m Officially a Masochist

I’m so congested I can’t quite breathe lying down. Great time to try and explain stuff about the RP, let’s work on that post about the White Shadows!

I’m pretty sure deep down I have a death wish. -.-

Also don’t expect that to be up anytime in the next couple hours. I already accidentally posted it unfinished yesterday (did any of you catch that? I deleted it pretty quickly), I’m not going to publish it until I get some shut eye. Who the fuck knows what I’ll end up writing there. I might end up telling you all how the White Shadows are secretly a mind-controlling evil cult and that the Order are just trying to save the world from their evil, evil, grasp.

And they like to sacrifice baby animals, I hear.

*hugs her baby fox* “What the hell is wrong with you? Go to sleep!”

“Oh, no, Miss Annie, you’ve been exposed! That’s absolutely right. We’re just trying to save Valcrest from those, evil, evil, heal-…” *snort* “Okay, not even I can say that with a straight face. Seriously, you’re fucked up in the head. And that’s something coming from me.”

Did… Did… Did Amber just call me crazy? o.O


Crap, I should get some sleep.



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