While You Wait… (Music Inside!)

While you wait for that Valcrest post I didn’t finish because I’m sick and stupid… I decided it might be fun to post my characters’ main theme songs here as a little list. 🙂

Luckas: Cold – With My Mind

I need to make my own lyrics video for this song. Just saying. Can’t actually find one I like >.>

Jake: Rev Theory – Ten Years

Crys: Papa Roach – Scars (Acoustic)

Dastan: Red Line Chemistry – Fire Rising (Acoustic)

Annie: Sick Puppies – Healing Now

Indrani: Lindsey Stirling ft. Lzzy Hale – Shatter Me

I don’t watch Steven Universe, but this is seriously the only video I could find that didn’t mess up the line “I see the stars through a mirror”, but it’s pretty freaking well made too; maybe I should watch Steven Universe ^.-

I will make one some day. Maybe. Windows Movie Maker fucked up my latest attempts at lyrics videos. >.>

Allison: Three Days Grace – Get Out Alive

Sean: Five Finger Death Punch – Remember Everything


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