YouTube Is Trying To Make Me Homicidal!

I’m about to shut the PC off and try to sleep, but I just gotta bring this up real quick.

Have you guys ever seen an ASMR video on YouTube? ASMR videos are basically people making really soft noises, like, right into your ears. It’s supposed to be relaxing and/or pleasurable. I’d assume for the popularity of ASMR channels that it may be true for a lot of people. For me, however, ASMR makes me nearly physically ill. It causes me serious anxiety, it puts me in distress. More than that, it makes me angry to a point where I want to punch things. Seriously punch things.

I discovered this existed a few months ago because YouTube recommended that video to me and I clicked it out of curiosity. Just to illustrate, I was chatting Wifey on Skype at the time; as I am… Pretty much every night… So right now I went into my Skype history to screenshot my reaction to discovering the joys of ASMR:



As you can see, Wifey is very supportive in this moment of distress.

Bottom line, ASMR is the devil. For me, that is. I’m assuming it works for other people out there.

Since then, despite me clicking the option to NOT show me this fucking stuff in recommendations again… Whenever I leave YT on autoplay, one of these will come up.

There was one of this chick just… Smacking her lips… That is literally THE WORST FUCKING SOUND for me. So, to me, it’s pretty clear that Cleverbot is using YouTube to try and make me go on a murderous rampage and get my ass thrown in jail.

It’s the only possible explanation.


P.S: I’m sure you guys understand why I’m not linking any videos to this post, if you really wanna know, just look it up on YT, there are tons of ASMR videos to torture yourself with.


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