The Fun Of Online Quizzes…

My friend from Australia and I were talking Steven Universe and, it’s too late to get into all the things in that conversation, but my mom has an extensive collection and a large interest in semi-precious gems. As do I. So I was talking to him about what certain types of gems mean and what properties they have and how they relate to the characters in the show.

It’s a lengthy analysis and it’s late, so; as I said, not getting into it, but it led to him asking me what gem would I want to be according to those properties and we ended up talking birthstones according to birth month and zodiac sign… Mine are ruby and onyx and I said I’d like to be an Onyx as my ‘Gemsona’ because they are dark and cool (not in a ‘goth’ way, though, no, yuck. lol)



No. =_=

So we agreed to take four different “what gemstone are you” personality tests and see how the results would vary. I got ruby in one, sapphire in one, peridot in one; at which point I squealed because my favorite SU Gem and the last one said and I quote:


Your results were not clear.

For 30 % you are: You are an Emerald or Peridot (*squee*). You have inner-feelings no one knows about and you can be as seductive and mysterious as you want to be.

For 30 % you are: You are either a Garnet, Topaz or Ruby. Which ever one you like. You have a hot temper, but you will fight for what you want and you have goals to fulfill.

For 30 % you are: You are either a Sapphire, Aquamarine, Diamond, or Topaz. Which ever you choose! You are calm and collected, level-headed, but not easy to fool.

For 10 % you are: You are either an Amethyst, pink Opal or Pearl. Which ever one you please. You are sweet and loving and mostly forgiving. Everyone likes you for the most part.

So… I assume the other three test (sapphire, ruby, and peridot) were also correct in a sense. And a small part of me could be an Amethyst, Opal, or Pearl. Which is surprising, I think, I usually associate these gems to people who are more affectionate than me. I mean, I am, but… Well, 10% makes sense, I guess. >.>

I’m a complex individual apparently, oh well. 😛

I should sleep now anyway. Later guys.



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