Music Obsession

I’m not one to usually listen to a lot of music from animated movies or TV show, there are only three songs from shows that I have actually downloaded for casual listening; This Day Aria and The Smile Song from MLP and now this:

I’ve been listening to this song on an off obsessively ever since I watched the Steven Universe episode ‘Jailbreak’ and I was just in love with it. And Peridot may be my favorite character in Steven Universe, because honestly, she reminds me of Lukey sometimes lol, but Garnet (Ruby/Sapphire) comes pretty damn close.

I don’t intend to actually do any writing today; I’m feeling lazy. I’m almost done with that Valcrest post I’ve been writing for freaking ages, but I don’t think I’ll get back to it til Wednesday. I have some stuff to do tomorrow and Tuesday that will take up my time.

Later guys.



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