Did You Ever Think About Snakes?

 “Jakey! Jakey!”


“Did you ever think about snakes? It’s so sad!”

“What? What’s so sad about snakes, Crystal?”

“They don’t have any arms!”


“They can’t hug each other with no arms! Don’t you think that’s sad!?”

“Crys, it’s the middle of the night, go back to slee-… Wait, are you actually crying about this? For fucks sake, you are NOT allowed to drink anymore!”

“But… But… THEY CAN’T HUG, JAKEY!!!”

– 2 hours later – 

*Aiden answers the door to find a pissed off Jake holding an emotionally unstable drunken empath*

“Do you guys know that time it is?”

“Aiden, tell Crys snakes aren’t sad about hugs.”





Lame Steven Universe joke, lol. I think it’s still funny even if you don’t get the reference, but in any case, here it is:


This weird bit of writing was specifically Inspired by this deviant art image:



Image credit: Lollipop-Gothica from deviant art


I know, I’m a cartoon-obsessed weirdo. >.>



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