Weird As F*ck Ads

It was past 5am when finally got off the computer and I thought, maybe I just wasn’t awake enough and was imagining the really creepy ads google was giving me for some reason. You guys should know that Google ads often go off of you browser history to give you ads you might relate to. Having a writer’s browser history more than often gives me some interesting advertisements, but this seems like something out of Joffrey Baratheon’s wet dreams.

Like seriously…


I get the crossbows, I was researching crossbows; again, trying to figure out a character’s weapon design, but the half naked anime doll and the frilly dress? Uh… What? I was particularly curious about the doll so I clicked it. And… Yeeeaah… What?


Never mind why this was a chosen ad for me, but… Who uses ‘hot toys’ and ‘for children’ in the same title? Also, don’t try and fucking pretend this is a children’s toy when it’s showing side-boob and in THAT position. You’re not fucking fooling anyone, partner.

Scariest part? This offers to wholesale shipping of over 200 items… And it’s sold out. It just makes me think there are thousands of squatting half naked anime dolls in creepy basements all over the world and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to live with that now.

Just… What. The. Fuck.



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